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Many businesses across the nation decide to take security more seriously in the new year. At Off Duty Officers, we understand that the decision to hire a security guard company can be a difficult one to make. 

How will you know the company is reputable? Will the guards be reliable and competent? Will you get the service that you pay for? 

If you are considering hiring security guards this year, we would like to introduce you to Off Duty Officers. Our security guard company has been in business for over 25 years. Clients return to us again and again for all of their security needs because of the unparalleled service we provide. Our guards have a reputation for being some of the most highly trained and experienced guards in the business.

We work with off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel as well as standard guards for temporary and permanent assignments. Businesses of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, rely on Off Duty Officers for their security guard needs.

Our security teams are skilled and ready to handle whatever challenge you throw their way. We specialize in providing armed and unarmed guards for businesses that operate in a wide variety of industries. If you do not see your industry highlighted here, do not hesitate to contact our security specialists right away. We take care to customize our security guard solutions for your unique needs.

Event Security Guards

Event operators know the challenges of planning an event. Small private events have unique security challenges, especially for events hosted by VIPs. Large scale events like music concerts, sports games or trade shows and conventions have their own set of security vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

Security should always be a significant line item when planning an event of any size. Bad actors who infiltrate your event can not only cause damage to property, but they can put people's lives in danger. 

If you are responsible for planning a large event, you should involve a reputable event security guard company in the planning process from the start. They can help you identify your unique security vulnerabilities at your property. They can provide you with guidance on managing access points, protecting property and emergency response.

Residential Security Guards

Gated neighborhoods, apartment and condo communities and homeowners associations are frequent targets for crimes such as theft, loitering, vandalism and physical assaults. Too many of these crimes in the news can make residents feel unsafe and impact the number of people who want to live on the property.

Security guards can play a vital role in keeping a variety of residential properties safe and secure. Gated communities find value in security guard solutions because they have a dedicated team logging visitors and understanding who is on the property at all times. Live guard patrols at apartment communities can be a significant deterrent to criminals. Patrols can identify suspicious behavior and immediately report safety situations to the proper authorities. Quick action from well-trained guards can prevent a security issue from becoming a serious threat.

Temporary Security Guard Services

At Off Duty Officers, we understand that not every business requires permanent, 24/7 security protection. That is why our security specialists will work with you to understand your unique security needs. Then, they will recommend the right solutions to meet your needs and your budget. 

Temporary security guards can be a great option for smaller businesses who may not have large budgets. Other clients who benefit from temporary guards may only require guards after-hours or during special events.

Temporary security guards can give you the protection you need when you need it. The mere presence of a security guard on site can often be enough to deter would-be criminals and provide your customers with peace of mind.

Security Guard Services Nationwide - Off Duty Officers

Savvy business owners will do their homework before hiring a security guard company. Give our team a call today to learn more about our comprehensive security guard solutions. Our team is standing by to help you understand your greatest security vulnerabilities and suggest the right security solutions for your needs. 

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