Why Guards From Off Duty Officers Lead the Industry

The decision to hire a security guard service can be daunting. There are many options out there from companies with a wide range of experience in the industry. It can be challenging to know if the guards that show up for duty are trained, competent and reliable enough to get the job done.

At Off Duty Officers, we understand your concerns. Every day we consult with clients just like you to help them realize their greatest security threats and vulnerabilities. Then, our experienced team of security specialists will help them develop a deeper understanding of the security options available to them that will meet their needs and fit nicely into their budgets.

We know that trust and reliability go hand-in-hand with skill and experience. That is why many of the guards at Off Duty Officers receive top-of-the-line training, in addition to in-the-field experience. We are proud to provide our clients with off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel as well as standard guards. The caliber of our team far surpasses the competition and will provide you with the peace of mind you need to go about your business and life.

When you are deciding which security guard company to hire, you will naturally want to know more about the guards they provide. Here are 4 reasons why our guards stand above the rest.

4 Reasons Why Our Guards are the Best in the Industry 

Security guards are often your first defense against a security threat. Their training provides them with the knowledge and skills to be alert and identify suspicious behavior and thoroughly patrol the premises to keep your property safe. In addition to impeccable training and real-world experience, guards from Off Duty Officers have skills that enhance their effectiveness every time they begin their shifts.

Excellent Communication Skills

While you may think of security as a solitary role, the truth is that that security guards must be excellent communicators. They will work with you, your employees, customers, law enforcement and many others while they are performing their jobs.

The ability to communicate effectively in both verbal communications and written reports will ensure that information is clear and proper action can be taken. Security guards frequently communicate with people from all walks of life, from high-level executives to bad actors who are attempting to commit a crime. In all of these situations, guards must understand how to best communicate with them to achieve the proper goal.


When you are putting the safety and security of people and property in the hands of another person, you want to feel certain that they are honest and reliable. Security guards often have access to sensitive information and areas of your property that are restricted.

It is critical that security guards take pride in their work and have a level of integrity that impels them to act with honesty and with your best interest in mind at all times. This also includes showing up prepared, on time and ready to perform the duties assigned to them.

Clear and Quick Thinking 

In a perfect world, security threats would be non-existent. However, we know this is not the case. Security guards play an important role in protecting properties from the unique threats they face. All the training in the world won't matter if the person protecting your property becomes frazzled, frustrated or irrational in the face of a threat.

Security threats happen quickly and can escalate in a blink of the eye. Guards from Off Duty Officers respond calmly and quickly assess the situation to identify the correct action. Rather than overreacting to a situation, they are able to remain level-headed to help deescalate a situation. 


When you work as a security guard, no two days are alike. Guards are faced with a variety of situations every day that require them to think, evaluate and act. Problem solving skills are critical if you are to be an effective security guard. You must have the ability to pay attention to detail and think on your feet with the information that is in front of you.

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If you are looking to hire security guard services to protect your business, property or event, do not hesitate to contact the security professionals at Off Duty Officers today. Our guards lead the industry in training, education, experience and soft skills that can't be taught. Combined, these elements make our guards the best in the business. Clients return to us again and again because of the caliber of our guards and the customer service that our security specialists provide.

Do you need temporary or permanent security guards to protect your commercial property? Are you planning a large scale event that requires experienced event security guards? Are you a VIP or executive who is concerned about recent threats?

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