What Makes Security Guards Exceptional?

When most people think of security guards, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. Of course, this is a critical part of the role of security guards, but with so many providers in the nation, how can people choose one that guarantees exceptional service from both the company and the guard dispatched? Off Duty Officers understands that to provide the most outstanding security guards, they must be happy with the company they represent. What goes into happy guards is being treated with respect, getting paid on time, and being heard as needs and availability change. Some Off Duty Officers' clients have been using their services for decades. Many men and women who work for Off Duty Officers have also been with the company for many years.

Exceptional Security Guards Bring Expert Training and Background

It may be surprising to know that all Off Duty Officer security guards have experience in military and law enforcement backgrounds. The training and intensity of what men and women go through in these fields would surprise most. Able to navigate and focus during stressful situations, taking the lead, and establishing order in chaos is natural and instinctual. Security guards are hired to provide excellent protection for people and property. It is counter-productive to hire a security guard if they do not like what they do or are disgruntled at their employer. A part of a security guard's role is to be friendly and approachable to others who work or visit where they are stationed. Of course, the customer-service aspect should not overshadow or mislead people to think they are not focused or capable of performing their job. However, being able to interact with others in a professional but friendly way directly indicates how that person feels about their career and the company they represent.

Off Duty Officers have not missed a payroll in thirty years, and no other security guard provider in the nation can claim that. However, Off Duty Officers wants to provide their clients with the best of the best, which means keeping them happy and treating them as the valuable people they are, recognizing the importance and relevance of what they do on the job.

Exceptional Security Guards Are Consistent and Experienced

As the climate in the country seems to be in constant transition, providing security guards in the workplace, residential areas, hotels, hospitals, special events, and more, it makes sense to budget this expense, ensuring everyone has someone designated to handle emergencies and act in a dangerous or threatening scenario. The best security guards understand how their roles save lives and what is required to be effective on assignment. The critical nature of security guards can’t be left to just anyone. The most qualified security guards will work for the most reliable and reputable providers. Find a security guard provider with a nationwide presence who understands the varying needs of assignments, including an in-depth pulse on different cities and states across America.

Happy employees make productive employees, which is as accurate for security guards as any other worker. Security guards should arrive promptly, instantly establishing their confidence in their skills and giving a sense of their genuine investment in providing safety for the client. Security guards have had their day in the spotlight in movies that depict them in accidental situations that help people. This is not the case with the best security guards. Laser-focused, able to multi-task, and utterly committed to providing exceptional service should be evident upon arrival.

Consistency means sending out only the most qualified security guards repeatedly. Companies with strong and sustained relationships with clients indicate a consistent security guard placement company with only the highest quality guards dispatched. Companies that return to the same security guard provider show they had a positive experience and felt the value was there. When investing in safety, there should not have to be a compromise of quality to make it affordable. Calling around for quotes should be easy, with many security solutions available to fit any budget. Off Duty Officers is known for a quick, accurate quote, with the ability to send out security guards quickly due to the nationwide presence and up-to-date training of all its guards.

Whether hiring security guards is just a thought in the back of your mind, or it has been a pressing need, calling for a free quote does not cost anything. It is better to have a company in mind with basic information so that when the need arises, dispatch can happen quickly. As Americans are using more and more private security guards both publicly and privately, ensuring you have what coverage you need, when you need it, is a wise decision. Do not settle for any security guard service and find one that is a stellar experience from quote to dispatch.

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