Top Security Considerations for States That Are Reopening

COVID-19 cases have been soaring in recent weeks, with many states reporting their highest numbers of infections since the summer. Average citizens, business owners and service workers are all impacted by changing state and local regulations – and they seem to be changing all the time. 

States that have reopened or partially reopened have had to reevaluate their restrictions to handle the bump in cases over the last few weeks, especially as we enter the cold and flu season. Because of these changes, businesses and event producers in states such as Colorado, Florida, Texas and California have had to again adjust rapidly. 

Security guards have taken on increased responsibilities since March to protect people and businesses. In addition to expanding their roles to meet these ever-changing needs, they have put their own health on the line to protect others. As valuable front-line workers, security personnel have taken an active role in mitigating potential security threats related to the pandemic, business closures and business reopenings. 

Read on to learn about the top security considerations for states that have reopened and how security guards can be valuable assets. 

Hospital Security 

With the latest uptick in coronavirus cases, hospitals may again see overcrowding that puts people’s lives in danger. Caring for patients should be top priority for hospital staff, not dealing with upset visitors. As tensions run high, family members and friends may wish to see their loved ones who have been hospitalized despite visitation restrictions and health and safety protocols. 

Security guards have stepped up to assist hospital administrators with enforcing the new COVID-19 procedures. Guards have been trained to take temperature checks, enforce mask and social distancing guidelines and considerately manage high emotions during this stressful and uncertain time. As the situation continues to change, guards will continue to work tirelessly to keep people safe and hospitals as places for healing and treatment, not disorder. 

Retail and Restaurant Security 

Some states that have partially reopened have once again changed the rules when it comes to restaurant and retail capacities. In Denver, Colorado for example, restaurants went from 50% capacity to 25% capacity in recent weeks in response to an increase in cases throughout the county. 

This change significantly impacts service workers, owners and managers as well as guests. Reduced capacity at these establishments, especially when tensions are high and alcohol may be involved, can lead to increased chances of arguments or other disorderly conduct that put people at risk. Security guards can deter these kinds of altercations through the use of de-escalation techniques, rigorous training and a focus on respect and courtesy. When business owners, staff and guests know that there are security guards on the premises to keep them safe, they can rest easier despite the uncertainty. 

Business Park and Commercial Building Security 

Many businesses have turned to remote work since the start of the pandemic. While it might be temporary for some, others have made the decision to forego all in person work altogether. Businesses have realized that they require less office space, leaving many business parks and commercial centers vacant, at least for the time being. 

Owners and tenants still have an interest in keeping these properties secure from threats. Vandalism, looting, theft and loitering are just some of the crimes that business park and commercial building owners have faced, and may continue to face, as the pandemic endures. Security guards have been instrumental in monitoring and patrolling these kinds of properties. They are trained to identify suspicious behavior and communicate with the proper authorities so owners can have peace of mind, even when their buildings are unoccupied.  

While some states have slowly reopened or partially reopened, others are finding themselves reverting back to early safety and security protocols in response to the increase in coronavirus cases. If you own or operate a business including a hospital, retail or restaurant space or commercial building, you should seriously consider how trained, professional security guards can help you protect your people and property. 

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