Top Four Security Trends in 2022

Successful security companies adapted and transitioned their guards successfully to meet the changing needs of companies in 2022. As more people spent less time behind closed doors, the volume of people out and about, including returning to the workplace, affected the entire nation. The security industry experienced some significant shifts that changed the face of security guard coverage. Although 2021 marked the most significant changes seen in this industry in years, the trends are strongly pushing ahead. Here are the top four predictions expected to continue throughout 2022.

Filling In the Gaps

Security guard placement providers found themselves facing labor shortages across the United States. This impacted many industries, and security was no exception. Before March 2020, security guards mostly worked behind the scenes without much notice unless there was an emergency. However, security guards became frontline employees of those companies where they served. This need on the frontlines made security guard workers essential employees. Security is one position that can't be done remotely, so security guards dealt with many people each day, monitoring crowds and foot traffic while ensuring safety guidelines were followed. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 strains did cause some security guards to get sick, and some chose not to return after healing from the virus. This, in turn, led to a continued shortage that will likely trend through at least 2022.

Incorporation of Technology in Security Guard Roles

Organizations realize that the combination of technology and in-person presence provides the best available security coverage. No longer are cybersecurity and security guards considered separate. Often, companies with security systems in place wish to add private security guards for a higher level of protection.

Building and event access can be incorporated into most devices, allowing the elimination of badges and hard-to-remember codes. As technology becomes more mainstream in security measures, the normal in 2022 will likely be access to restricted areas using smartphones and personal devices.

Apps have also made security easier to access. Allowing security guards to monitor activity through technology gives clients more coverage and minimizes how much needs to be physically touched by many people. Security guards can file reports on their devices and track activity and hours the same way. An established and reputable security guard placement firm will see the value in adding technology to its security program, providing customers the absolute best coverage available.

Risk Assessment and Analysis

We know hindsight is 20/20, but does any company want to wait until after an incident to take measures to improve safety? A trend for 2022 is a more proactive approach to safety and security. Allowing highly trained security guards to perform pre-assessment at the job site reveals vulnerabilities that may put property or people at risk. If these risks can be mitigated before they become an issue, corporations save time, money and keep people safer. Another part of preventing potentially dangerous and harmful situations is an analysis of risks. This is where statistics and analysts work with security and the company to assess potential threats or those things at a higher probability of occurring. Involving risk assessment and analysis is a significant advantage for companies giving them a competitive advantage.

Extended Security Guard Training

Due to the likelihood of security guards having law enforcement or military background, they are already well prepared and experienced in dealing calmly with emergencies. However, successful security companies recognize the world is changing, and therefore, so are the needs of clients. Standard training is part of any reputable security guard provider. Still, the best placement firms will insist on extended training that is both industry-specific and addresses current threats. The ultimate goal of security is to provide safety and protection of both people, assets, and property. Any training that better prepares guards for new threats offers clients a better safety net and ensures the best coverage. To ensure guards receive the knowledge they need from extended training, additional testing may happen before guards are placed on essential assignments.

These are only the top four trends for security in 2022. Many more are on the horizon and will likely top the list for 2023. A close fifth is the use of drones. Drones are a trending tool that many security companies hope to utilize as an effective and cost-efficient enhancement to their security offerings. Because drones require expert handlers, this may become part of security guard training in states and areas there is a greater need for drone use to provide extensive coverage. One thing is sure is that security guards are in demand in 2022. The best security guard providers will watch the trends and ensure they can provide everything their clients need. Off Duty Officers leads the industry in trained security guards, both armed and unarmed, that provide clients with the best security available.


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