Senior Communities Opting for On-Site Security Guards at Entrances

Residential security is becoming more common, and over 55 communities are popping up across the nation. Residents and potential buyers are demanding exceptional security and service. This housing alternative has become a popular choice for those wanting to do new builds and have a customized experience while residing with others at similar stages of life. Endless organized activities, social gatherings, and many walking and bike paths make up some of the most sought amenities offered.

New communities with a recreational center hub where the pool, gym, and other activities typically have a security gate at the community entrance. Although these communities offer security gates as measures to protect, they have limitations without someone monitoring those entering and leaving the community. These gates can often be impressive in stature and design. However, unmanned, many communities find they alone do not provide sufficient security. In delivering desirable homes and communities for those of older age, the level of protection should be exceptional. HOA's often incorporate these security needs within the budget, but many are re-assessing needs to include physical security at the entrance gates to establish that security is taken seriously.

The senior community is already seen as a more vulnerable residential area. Leaving gates and neighborhoods unmonitored leaves the door open for theft, break-ins, assaults, and loitering. Most who choose to make this lifetime investment in their later years are at least partially making this decision based on the security and safety of these communities. It is essential community organizers, and property managers do their part to provide only the highest level of protection for their residents and guests.

Qualified security guards are trained not only in professional backgrounds of law enforcement or military, but they are specifically trained to assess, identify, and mitigate risks across the property. As each community is unique, trained security guards learn the nuances of each property and its residents and can dedicate all their time to providing exceptional protection and service.

Making a Strong First Impression About Security

A security guard grounded at the guard station of a senior community can track those coming in and out, including guests, service people, and everyone in between. When checking identification is required, it ensures the person wanting access is meant to have it. Do not underestimate the value of a person at the security gate or vehicle patrols who regularly monitor the community and perimeter to prevent unwanted activity. As food and grocery deliveries are on the rise, especially with gas prices, giving all these different parties the access code without tracking increases the risks for those living there. When the person who needs to grant access does not answer, often people wait for a resident or someone else with the code to follow behind to get through the security gate. As you can see, this is not a terribly effective way to protect the community.

Exceptional Emergency Preparedness

Senior residential security guards serve as experienced first responders due to their backgrounds, experience, and continued training. Any incidents that may require immediate attention, medical or otherwise, have someone already on-site with a security guard who can serve in this capacity. Adding this valuable resource to any senior living facility is priceless to those associated with the community. These incredibly dedicated men and women can administer first aid until emergency services arrive and speak with the agencies to ensure no time is wasted and only accurate and helpful information is passed along. In a senior community, time is everything, especially when a medical emergency occurs. Once emergency vehicles arrive, security guards effortlessly move from the first responder to ensuring vehicles and residents are clear of obstructing the needs of the emergency professionals. A private security guard's multiple roles within a senior community are countless.

Security Guards Personalize Residential Experiences

Every single person enjoys belonging and being known by name. A security guard at the gated entrance provides an opportunity to strengthen the community by building relationships with the residents. Having someone greet you when you come home is something everyone craves. There may be widows in senior communities, and sometimes having a friendly face and someone who knows your name can bring joy and belonging to those who reside within the community.

The recreation center is the hub of any senior living community. These facilities are a considerable investment of time and money to allow residents to enjoy events and activities within their social peer group. Keeping this area safe and monitoring the sites for any threats or risks creates next-level protection for those seeking all that senior adult living communities offer.

Armed v Unarmed Security Guards for Senior Communities

Depending on the unique community needs, a security guard may be hired armed or unarmed. Nationwide providers with years of experience continue to provide security guards who successfully serve in senior communities, with or without a weapon. The extensive training and backgrounds mean adequate safety and security regardless. Determining the best security plan for a senior community is best done by speaking with a security coordinator, and well-established providers offer this service free to make sure all options are explored to meet the needs and stay within the budget. Ensuring the safety of those making a lifetime investment in a senior living community deserves exceptional service. Hiring private security guards is an excellent way to provide this for residents and visitors.

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