Protecting Your Employees is Good Business

If you are a business owner or manager, you have plenty of things on your mind. Is the safety and security of your employees on the list? The best employers know that creating a secure work environment for their staff is critical to the success of their businesses. When employees can work without fear of a security threat, they will naturally be more productive, satisfied and committed to their work and your business. 

Employees across all industries want to feel safe at their workplaces. Each and every day, millions of Americans go to work in commercial buildings, office parks and retail establishments. Staff, customers, vendors and visitors may come in and out of buildings throughout the day and even after hours. With so much activity, it can be next to impossible to mitigate potential safety threats without the help of a dedicated security team.

Unfortunately, it seems like we hear about mass shootings and other violent workplace attacks at businesses, schools and places of worship all the time. Responsible employers need to take measures to provide a safe and secure workplace for their employees, no matter their industry or the size of their business. 

What can employers do to protect their employees? 

Whether you think your business is a target or not, it is necessary to protect your people from internal and external threats to their safety. The threats can vary from business to business, depending on factors including: 

  • Visibility of the company and its leadership
  • Presence of high-value merchandise or equipment
  • Geographic location 
  • Number and location of entry points 
  • Use of hazardous materials 
  • Size of the building 
  • Number of shifts throughout the day

It is valuable for any business owner to perform a security audit. This may be done in-house or through a reputable security company who has ample experience assessing risks. The audit process can help those responsible identify blind spots in their current security programs and realize where they need to make improvements. 

Provide Adequate Employee Training 

When an unexpected security threat occurs, you want your employees to be ready. They should receive regular training to prepare them for anything, from fires to active shooter situations. Employees should be familiar with escape and evacuation routes and know how to access emergency fire and medical equipment. 

Company security policies should be posted where employees can easily find them. Develop and enforce security procedures that protect employees who leave late at night or early in the morning. Taking a strong stance on security from the start can help give your employees peace of mind in the event of a threat. 

Consider Security Technology 

Many businesses choose to invest in technology such as security cameras to act as an additional set of eyes on the property. Cameras can be especially useful for large complexes and in parking lots and garages. If your business is open late into the evening, cameras can deter thieves from hassling your employees and give your staff confidence that they are protected. 

Hire Professional Security Guards 

Professional security guards from a reputable security company are one of the most effective ways to protect your employees. Guards are able to handle a wide range of security threats and have the training to act quickly in stressful situations. They have specialized skills that allow them to identify suspicious behavior and take the necessary actions to protect people and property. 

When you have a dedicated security guard team on the premises, you can feel confident knowing that there is always someone looking out for threats. Mobile patrols and unarmed and armed guards are on constant watch for anything out of the ordinary and can contact law enforcement right away if needed. 

Trained, professional security guards at your place of business can provide a number of valuable security benefits for your employees including:  

  • Monitoring vendors 
  • Checking ID badges and credentials 
  • Logging visitors 
  • Identifying suspicious activity 
  • Checking security cameras
  • Performing fire watch
  • Assisting with evacuations

Security Guards Protect Your Employees

If you think you need security guards for your business, you probably do. The safety and security of your business assets, including your employees, is something that cannot be taken lightly. Business owners understand the importance of providing a work environment that fosters feelings of safety, productivity and loyalty. 

Off Duty Officers has been providing businesses like yours with the highest caliber of security guards to protect their employees for over 25 years. When your people matter, you need a security company with a reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism that is unmatched across the industry. 

Contact our security specialists today to learn more about how Off Duty Officers can create custom security solutions for your business. 

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