Preparing for the Holidays by Increasing Parking Lot Security

Shoppers are doing a double take when they walk into retail stores and shops as shelves begin to fill with holiday decorations for everything from Halloween to Christmas. In reality, shoppers likely feel the pinch well before they enter the store doors as they fight to find a parking space. It seems that parking lots are never quite ready for the dramatic increase in shopper traffic over the holidays. It also seems that parking spaces are getting smaller, and cars are getting bigger! All these factors can add tension to parking lots. Something as simple as adding trained and experienced parking lot security guards can alleviate the added stress and eliminate the risk of something getting out of hand. Many shopping and strip malls have already booked additional parking security for the holiday rush. Large corporations are also choosing to provide this extra level of protection for partygoers, as holiday events can double the number of people on site. Hiring private security guards for the holidays ensure the holiday spirit continues, and so does spending!

Mall Parking Security Units

Whether mega malls or small strip malls, retailers are joining together to offer customers an exceptional shopping experience from beginning to end. Since the stress of holiday shopping often begins in the parking lot, having a security presence instantly establishes order. It is surprising how many people will refrain from acting out with an authority figure in the midst. In today's climate of rising prices and continued shortages of products, this holiday season is sure to see its fair share of stress, so offering this level of safety and security arriving and departing is an incredible way to keep shoppers happy.

Although it is hard to believe we are already witnessing store shelves spilling over with wrapping paper, ornaments, and other holiday décor, it is a reality. As we approach Thanksgiving week and Black Friday events nationwide, businesses and retail malls ramp up parking enforcement with private security guards. As everyone knows, Turkey Day is one of the most popular travel times, which adds to crowded parking areas everywhere. Overflow parking can become a nuisance requiring extra coverage to ensure residents and employees have the necessary access. Regarding holiday parties, company events, and overcrowded malls, parking security can't be overlooked.

Holiday Event Coverage

It is an exciting time for employees to attend their company's holiday events. It is often an opportunity to get dressed up, and with COVID-19 in the rearview, this is a year to celebrate, and bigger crowds are expected! Companies and party planners should plan to provide parking area coverage on these nights. Nothing is worse than being so frustrated by the parking experience that the thrill of the evening is already depleted when you arrive.

Holiday events often involve alcohol and having security on site can establish order and address any behavior issues if they arise. Having a professional security guard designated to handle disruptive situations discreetly will allow employees to have a genuinely celebratory experience. At the end of the event, parking security guards will act as escorts, ensuring the safety of departing guests. Providing this next-level security for attendees creates a smoother event and reduces liabilities to the company and venue.

The Value of Parking Lot Security Guards

Companies learned long ago that the customer experience begins before they walk in the door. The parking lot experience can profoundly impact the overall mood upon arrival and the shopping experience. The film Fried Green Tomatoes has a well-known, humorous scene depicting a nightmare parking lot incident with an angry driver intentionally hitting another car that took her spot. Although a funny look at the scenario in that instance, this is not unusual parking area behavior during the holidays. The holidays can add stress, and retailers, malls, and corporations would be wise to offer a reasonable amount of coverage to ensure a pleasant parking experience.

Parking enforcement can aid in a fender bender while keeping the flow of traffic moving. The professionals who faithfully serve in these roles also know how to take a report and when it is necessary to get law enforcement involved. Additionally, the security guard's presence prevents theft from cars and shoppers as they return to their vehicles. Often, parking security is mobile, using a small cart to cover more area, but they are as effective walking the property. Security parking guards are a proven preventive measure against crime during the holidays.

Finding a Top-Rated Parking Lot Security Guard Provider

Finding a top-quality security guard provider is essential to ensure the highest level of service available. Since automobiles are weapons, only parking security is trained and equipped to handle conflicts and issues in that capacity. Some shops hire multiple guards or ones experienced in covering storefronts and parking areas. Getting a free quote and understanding the available coverages help make wise decisions. Off Duty Officers is the #1 Parking Security provider in the nation. If you want exceptional coverage for your customers and employees, contact Off Duty Officers today and find a customized and affordable security solution.

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