Ongoing Coronavirus Restrictions and the Role of Security Guards

Even though we are approaching the start of the new year, the coronavirus pandemic is still not a thing of the past. Cases of the virus continue to surge in states across the country, leaving hospitals at maximum capacity and many businesses with their doors closed. To address the ongoing health crisis, states are once again levying restrictions that impact the way we live, work and shop. 

States are responding in various ways, from enforcing more stringent limits on businesses to mandated mask orders. Other states that are seeing the greatest increases in cases are recommending residents to stay at home. The vast differences in the responses throughout the country make knowing how react even more challenging. And with experts suggesting that the pandemic could worsen over the cold winter months, residents and business owners are wondering what they can do to protect themselves and their properties. 

Coronavirus Restrictions and the Role of Security Guards

Restrictions related to COVID-19 are constantly changing. As of this writing, states including California, Ohio and North Carolina have enacted new stay at home orders. Other states such as Pennsylvania and Colorado have advisories that restrict businesses and require non-essential entertainment and recreation venues to close. Still other states like Texas and Florida have relatively few restrictions.  

Although the restrictions may change from state to state and from week to week, one thing is for certain. The need for reliable, professional security guards has never been greater. As we have discussed in previous articles on this blog, security guards have stepped up to protect businesses and properties in unprecedented ways. 

As the pandemic continues to impact our day-to-day lives, businesses who may have reopened must once again consider how to protect their properties with the new closures. Other businesses may be facing closures for the first time, and they may not know where to begin to get the security they need. Trained security guards have proven to be an effective means of security across a variety of industries since the beginning of the pandemic: 

They have become important partners to hospital administrators. 

Hospitals around the country have been inundated with patients suffering from COVID-19. I.C.U. beds in hospitals throughout California, for example, have reported 0% I.C.U. capacity in regions in Southern and Central California. Hospitals have been attempting to maintain a high level of care while dealing with insufficient space, supplies and staff. 

Security guards have taken on the role of helping hospital administrators maintain order in busy lobbies and parking lots. They have assisted in temperature checking those who enter the building. Guards have taken a critical role in mitigating difficult situations, especially as tensions run high during these challenging times. 

They have stood guard to protect commercial properties. 

As more and more businesses are closing or have moved their workforce to 100% remote, commercial properties and their corresponding parking areas are left vacant and vulnerable. Security guards are the most effective way to prevent crimes such as theft and vandalism in unoccupied buildings. Mobile patrols can identify suspicious behavior as it is happening and quickly contact law enforcement. The mere presence of a guard on a property is often enough to deter bad actors and protect valuable property.  

They have been a steady presence for restaurants and retail establishments. 

Throughout the pandemic, restaurants and retail establishments have faced a variety of changing restrictions. From limited capacity and no indoor dining to all-out closures, these businesses have been through the wringer. Those that were able to open faced, and continue to face, challenging situations such as angry customers who disagree with restrictions or refuse to wear a mask. Security guards have been essential in keeping the peace and helping business owners and managers enforce the health and safety rules dictated by their geographic area.  

They have allowed residents to feel safe working and living in their homes full-time. 

So many people across the country have moved into remote work conditions since the start of the pandemic. This means that people are home more now than ever before. Residential property managers must take measures to keep their residents feeling safe and secure. Security guards have assisted with monitoring parking lots, responding to potential crimes-in-progress and providing customer service to residents in need. 

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