Keeping Your Property Safe in the Summertime

Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: summer vacation! Although that may seem like fun for you and your family, it’s also fun for burglars and those who want to take advantage of your time away from home. 

As a homeowner or renter, it’s critical that you take certain security measures to ensure that your home and property remain safe while you’re away. 

At Off Duty Officers, we provide professional private security for residential properties like condos, HOAs, gated communities and apartment complexes. Our security experts understand the unique safety threats that these types of properties pose. As the leader in private security, we want to share a few tips with homeowners and renters to help you keep your properties safe and sound while you are enjoying time away from home. 

Keeping Your Property Safe in the Summertime

Don’t Leave a Hidden Key 

While a hidden key might be convenient, it is not wise to leave a spare key under the doormat, nearby your front door or in an obvious location while you are away from home. Novice and experienced criminals alike know where to look and will find your key if it’s hidden in an obvious place. Instead, give a copy of your key to a trusted neighbor or local friend. This way, you have easy access to an extra key without the security risk of leaving it vulnerable to thieves. 

Secure All Doors and Windows

With the weather warming up, it’s tempting to leave windows open throughout the day, even while you are not at home. Thieves look for open windows to give them easy access to the inside of your house.

Even if you will only be gone for a day or two, it’s imperative that you secure all doors and windows. A slightly cracked window can be an easy entrance point for a criminal. Before leaving for your vacation, go through your home and check to make sure that all doors and windows are locked and secured.

Notify A Trusted Neighbor

If you will be out of town for vacation, let a trusted neighbor or friend know of your plans. Ask them to watch your property for any unusual activity. Let them know if you are expecting any visitors, landscapers or other service providers. A diligent neighbor can be the first to notice unexpected activity at your home. They can contact the authorities right away and hopefully prevent a crime before it happens. 

Install Proper Lighting

One of the easiest ways to deter a criminal is to install motion-detecting lights around your home. Motion detectors near doors and other entrances will help draw attention to potential threats and deter criminals from attempting a burglary at your home.

Don’t Forget to Set Your Alarm 

It’s amazing how many people have a home alarm system but never activate it! Every time you leave your home, even if it’s just for a few hours or a few days, activate your alarm system. You never know when your home will become a target for a burglar. 

Does Your Property Have Mobile Security Patrol? 

If you live in or manage a condo, HOA, gated community and apartment complex, do you have private security that offers mobile patrol? Mobile patrol is one of your best safeguards against theft and other crimes like vandalism and personal violence. 

At Off Duty Officers we provide clients with the most professional, skilled and experienced mobile patrols to protect your property and your residents. Mobile patrols can help provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that there is always someone watching the property who is ready to take action when needed. 

Mobile Patrol and Residential Security services with Off Duty Officers include: 

  • Foot or vehicle patrols
  • Securing property entrances and exits
  • Maintaining visitor and vendor logs
  • Enforcing property and resident rules and regulations
  • Responding to suspicious activity
  • Managing emergency situations
  • Partnering with law enforcement
  • Assisting residents and guests
  • Implementing emergency and evacuation plans
  • Reporting security events to management
  • Reviewing security footage

If you are concerned about keeping your residential property safe during the summertime, contact Off Duty Officers today to learn how our security services can help. We offer a wide range of residential security services that work within your budget. Call us for your free quote today! 

Thieves never take a vacation. As a property manager, property owner or renter you want to keep your home and property safe. Being smart and using the tips above can help you protect yourself; having well-trained private security personnel on the premises can act as a visible deterrent to criminals. When combined, these two tactics can help you safeguard what’s most important while away from home. 

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