Is Security Necessary for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities?

Like any large facility or organization, hospitals and healthcare facilities must run like well-oiled machines. In addition to the doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers on site, there are many people behind the scenes that work hard to ensure that the facility runs smoothly. One important role that you might not consider is that of security guard. 

Especially over the last 12 months, hospitals have seen increased security threats as they have dealt with the pandemic and everything that comes along with it. However, large facilities that see hundreds or even thousands of people coming in everyday must take measures to keep patients, employees, guests and hospital equipment secure. 

Hospitals face a unique set of security threats that require protection from professional security personnel. Guards are a critical component of any robust and effective security plan. Read on to learn more about how hospital security guards can maintain a safe environment for all who enter the facility. 

Top Benefits of Hospital Security Guards

Respond to security incidents 

When an unusual or dangerous incident occurs on hospital premises, it can be frightening to patients, their families and your employees. The evening news has made it clear that attacks and violence can occur anywhere and at any time. Bomb threats, active shooters and workplace violence situations can put many people in harm’s way and tarnish the reputation of your facility. 

Trained and experienced security guards can be your first defense against these kinds of concerns. At the first sign of an issue or any suspicious activity, your security guards can act quickly to mitigate the risk and communicate with the proper authorities to get help on the way fast. In the unfortunate event of a security situation, hospital security guards can help evacuate patients, guests and employees in a safe and orderly fashion. 

Manage disorderly patients or guests

While hospitals can be places of healing and hope, they can also be places for suffering and heartache. Patients and their families learning the news about a terminal diagnosis or life-altering injury can cause people to act out in anger against hospital staff. In general, hospitals can be stressful places for many people, triggering a range of emotions that have the potential to cause a reaction. 

Security guards have the skills to successfully de-escalate dangerous situations where tensions are running high. If typical techniques are ineffective, professional security guards know how to safely secure irate individuals and escort them out of the building or to the custody of law enforcement. 

Mitigate overall risk

Busy hospitals can have hundreds or thousands of people coming in and out of the doors each day. From staff and vendors to patients and their families, it can be challenging to get an accurate picture of what's happening inside the hospital as an administrator. 

Security guards are valuable to hospital administrators who want to have eyes and ears on the ground. Guards are effective at identifying suspicious people, deescalating dangerous situations and then working competently with the proper authorities to make sure the situation is handled in a timely and secure manner. 

Monitor access to the facility 

As we mentioned, hospitals are busy places with a variety of people entering and exiting at any given time. Security guards can monitor access to the property to ensure that only those with valid credentials enter the premises. They can also ensure that guests have been checked in appropriately so they can be monitored in the event of a security situation. 

In addition, security guards can protect sensitive areas of the hospital, such as those locations where prescription medications are stored or where high risk patients stay. Security guards can ensure that medications and expensive equipment are protected from theft by those who wish to make a quick buck. 

Leading Hospital Security Guards Nationwide 

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