Is Austin’s Sprawling Skyline Starting to Resemble Silicon Hills?

As the beautiful city of Austin continues to attract newcomers to Texas, big technology companies are getting on board. The result is the breathtaking skyline looking more like Silicon Valley. Some call Austin Silicon Hills since big technology looks to Texas as their new home. Austin, Texas, is desirable because of lower taxes, affordable housing, developable land, and a plentiful workforce. As large corporations pick up from California and move south, deciding on a new location involves providing the necessary security to protect materials, assets, and the people. In 2014, Google hired more than 200 security guards to offer protection at their facilities. The fact is that highly trained security guards can fill short-term and long-term needs for tech companies seeking coverage for the big transition and beyond.

Is Austin, Texas, the New Tech Industry Hot Spot?

For years, big technology companies, who once held a sweet spot in California, have been moving to lower-cost states like Texas. Austin has become the new home for some major tech companies, and more are planning to relocate to the beautiful, scenic, and affordable Texas city. Austin has welcomed thousands working in big tech, emphasizing affordable outdoor living and work-life balance.

Corporations enjoy the available workforce as Texas universities gain momentum in engineering and other technology graduates. The higher level of competition of workers gives big technology its pick of employees without relocation. Hiring costs can be around 50% lower in Austin, allowing employees a higher quality of life with lower overall living costs.

Onboarding employees is an investment. Many big tech companies relocating to Austin look to reputable and established security guard providers to offer high-level safety from the beginning. Security guards are contracted, and corporations can find just what they need with many options. Working with a professional coordinator to determine security needs is something every company in Austin should consider.

Technology Security Priorities

Access is a significant area of vulnerability at many big tech corporations. The critical security role involves monitoring the property's surveillance and activity. To provide the highest level of safety, it is essential to have someone trained to multi-task in their security roles.

Anytime a company relocates or begins a new hub, transitioning can be an overwhelming task that takes time. Security detail offers the necessary safety throughout the process, allowing those involved to focus on moving forward and settling into the new facility quickly and safely. Private security guards have prevented countless theft attempts and maintained order for many technology companies moving to Austin.

Since qualified security guards can be dispatched quickly from a quality placement company, these professionals hit the ground running, saving large technology corporations money and time. Many big technology companies attribute their successful transitions to a highly dedicated security team.

Which Big Tech is Moving to Texas Next?

In the last five years, high-tech industries in Austin have grown by 25%. Some significant moves include eBay, Microsoft, Facebook, Hewlett Packard, Dell, and Orion. As many corporations have already moved or started a new hub in Texas, the latest noteworthy move is Tesla. Even Elon Musk has established his residence in Texas.

Austin is business-friendly and offers an affordable cost of living with unmatched natural beauty, warm weather, and lots of outdoor living. The continued appeal of what Austin offers and the rising costs of doing business in California will undoubtedly impact the state’s economic future. The high capital gains taxes that Silicon Valley companies have been paying has kept California in a sweet spot of growth. However, with large companies moving to lower-cost states, California may feel the pains sooner rather than later.

Security Roles at Big Tech Corporations

Moving a corporation to another state comes with detailed coordination and expense. Tech companies cannot always hire hundreds of necessary security guard workers as employees, so contracting through an excellent provider is how big technology corporations ensure the safety of their assets and people. Contract security workers offer tech companies top-level protection.

The presence of security detail deters crimes, protects the facility and people, and ensures concerns are addressed immediately and professionally, allowing business to flow without disruption. Whatever the needs, a security presence helps employees stay focused and productive, especially in a new facility. Do not underestimate the value security guards can bring to a place of business. The best security guards are an extension of customer service to visitors and employees and the first line of defense for any emergency.

Providing the best security services, trained guards must have experience and be exceptionally dedicated to protecting big tech companies and their assets, including the people. To create a true Silicon Hills, security companies will dispatch qualified guards to these new prominent tech locations in Austin and surrounding areas. The backgrounds of exceptional security guards, which include military and law enforcement, allow these men and women to hit the ground running regarding risk assessment, excellent quality service, and knowledge about big tech industry security needs. Off Duty Officers has many years of experience and a reputation for providing high-quality guards to Austin, offering the best guards with experience providing security to big technology corporations.

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