Increasing Security at Polls Protects American Voters

Plans to protect voters and poll workers this midterm election have skyrocketed to the top of the list regarding priorities. Increased violence and a divided nation still sorting out the last presidential election have left poll locations with concerned workers and leery voters. As this midterm election is critical, organizers are ramping up with private security detail as an extra measure of safety to encourage strong voter turnout. As voting locations are designated, taking additional steps to ensure the safety of those working and voting is the only way to maintain order during such a critical time in our nation.

On November 8, 2022, those who have not voted by mail or absentee ballot will head out to their local polling locations to vote for critical spots in office and congress. Voters who often serve on the boards that choose and prepare polling locations are speaking up about security. Many polling locations have budgeted security guards into the planning and have already reserved security detail. The voter poll planners take seriously the safety of those coming to vote in honor of the electoral system and democracy.

Additional Safety Measures at Polling Locations

Physical security guards offer experience in emergency communication and response to protect employees, election workers, and voters. Planning began months ago, establishing relationships with surrounding businesses and neighborhoods in hopes of a better understanding of normal behavior for each unique area. The location, and knowledge of the surroundings, make it easier to identify suspicious activity, including nearby parking areas and public transportation stops. A top-notch security guard is trained to watch all the vulnerable areas related to voting polls simultaneously.

Exceptional security coverage will evaluate safety and security when they arrive and ahead of time when requested to help in monitoring, reporting, and responding to incidents that are more likely around election facilities and voting locations. Although the cost of running polls is not clearly defined, the funding comes from the state, local, and federal agencies. Hence, there is no reason every polling location can't provide private security guards trained to work elections.

This 2022 midterm is sure to draw out passionate voters as those who want change can’t seem to get to the polls fast enough. Typically during the in-and-out voting process, security at polling places has been overlooked for too long. Hiring private security will likely be a part of every future election's budget.

Training for the Voting Polls

Security guards are trained in de-escalation and have expertise in identifying suspicious activity. Able to masterfully handle a disruptive voter or demonstrator, unattended bags, active shooters, and more, security guards ensure safety at the polls. The men and women dedicated to this career serve in security guard positions to continue to protect their country beyond their military or law enforcement backgrounds.

Election workers are coached to maintain a non-confrontational demeanor during voting, but in some instances, peaceful tactics may not be effective. In these situations, workers are told to contact local law enforcement. However, depending on the location and availability of patrol, that urgent need may not be met with the urgency it requires. A private security guard on site of polling locations has security and safety as a higher priority, being proactive about the safety and integrity of the voting process. Although poll workers undergo an 8-hour training, they only have essential conflict resolution and emergency response skills. Poll workers should be able to focus solely on voters and the integrity of the process, and having private security guards on-site allows this to happen. A designated point person to watch for safety threats or disruptions is necessary for today's political climate.

Voting Poll Locations are Soft Targets that Require Security Guards

Voting locations are considered soft targets because they are often held in large public facilities with multiple access points, crowds, and lines. Voters and workers need extra protection this election, including time in parking areas and getting to and from the building. Demonstrators must maintain a certain distance from voting location entrances, and security can ensure this. It is bound to be a tense day across the nation, and security detail sets an authoritative tone that deters people from acting out and keeps everyone accountable.

Protecting soft target polling locations can be done easily by a qualified security placement firm like Off Duty Officers. Off Duty Officers only dispatch the most skilled and competent guards fully trained and prepared to provide exceptional safety coverage at polling locations across the nation this November. As Americans exercise their Constitutional Right to vote, let’s ensure their safety and maintain the highest integrity throughout the voting process.

Providing private security detail at each polling location alleviates the added stress on poll workers. Someone qualified and confident in their safety skills will take the lead in any emergency and address potential threats to ensure a safe voting process.

Look into hiring private security detail for your local polling place this November, but please do not wait to call for a free quote! The best security guards at voting poll locations maintain order, identify suspicious activity, discreetly manage disruptive voters or others trying to wreak havoc, and provide safety for deserving Americans.

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