How Banks Will Improve Security One Year After the Pandemic

As we have well and truly passed the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and nationwide shutdowns, Americans seem eager to get back some of the everyday activities from the pre-pandemic. However, with new variants arriving on the scene, some people still have trepidation about in-person activities, and banking is no exception. Banks must now take measures to ensure the safety of their employees, clients, and all the valuables and monies entrusted to them.

Over the past year or so, banks have provided customers with many online options, making electronic banking part of many transactions. The technology continues to improve and make many transactions possible remotely. However, as banks look ahead at how to encourage business with their client base, thinking about providing new levels of security and safety simply can't be ignored. Increased banking clientele means new business and significant investments that must be made in person. How can banks stay ahead of this upcoming trend of increased traffic inside the bank?

Bank Security Needs Met

Not surprisingly, many banks are working on getting back essential staff, preparing for more in-person contact as more of our nation moves out of mandatory lockdowns. People tend to want to keep their hands on it until it gets safely into a bank when it comes to money. When it comes to large sums of cash or lifetime transactions that must go smoothly, people want to do it face-to-face. Any bank customers want to feel safe coming into a bank, whether meeting with a teller, visiting a safe deposit box, or opening a new account. It is safe to say that recently when you have an appointment and walk into a bank, it is like a ghost town. As more businesses are also re-opening, more deposits will be required, which means more money flowing in and out of the front door of banks across the nation.

Banks would be wise to think ahead, planning for increased traffic inside the bank lobby. Since lockdowns, as many chose to put non-urgent banking needs on hold, there will inevitably be increasing demands on tellers. Not only should banks consider increasing previously suitable skeleton crew staff during business hours, but they might also consider having some security guards on-site to help mitigate traffic and handle issues that might be disruptive and difficult to manage for one person behind the counter. Any businesses, including banks, will find customers eager to be back but will also be dealing with crowds who have been restricted for over a year. Hiring private security guards offers an affordable and immediate way to establish authority in a bank setting, take some burden of staff as customer-service oriented guards answer basic questions for visitors, and manage emergencies if they arise.

Bank Trained Security Guards

Exceptional security guard providers hire only the most qualified men and women for these roles. In banking, the expectation of skill and confidence is above standard. Finding a professional security guard placement firm will ensure the best safety and security for re-opening doors to more in-person transactions. Highly trained security guards have strong backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, so they are comfortable and trained to be armed and in uniform. Additional training is provided to security guards seeking placement in the bank setting due to its unique clientele, cash handling, and other valuables.

As mentioned before, security guards today must be able to calmly handle requests from visitors, enforce any remaining safety requirements, monitor capacity restrictions, and keep watchful eyes on unusual behaviors that might be disruptive to business. Providers offering intensive bank training focus on the most common and trending issues specific to banks, bringing added awareness to particular bank needs.

The size of the bank and existing security measures determine how much coverage makes the most sense and is unique to each bank. Bank owners and managers will need to decide whether one or multiple guards would be sufficient and if they want them armed, unarmed, or a combination if multiple guards are selected. Speaking with a professional coordinator can help determine what options are available and discuss solutions that meet specific needs and budgets.

Whether thinking about adding security for the short-term as our nation navigates movement ahead or longer-term and making it a priority to offer it from now on, contact an established and reputable security guard provider that services your area. Providers such as Off Duty Officers offers the broadest security guard coverage available in the nation. Getting a free quote does not cost anything. If banks decide now is not the time, it is likely in the future, as banks and other businesses are back to total capacity, they will want to consider providing security guard coverage for their bank, clients, and employees.



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