Do You Need Neighborhood Security?

Homeowner’s associations (HOA) have many responsibilities. They are tasked with enforcing community rules for condos, planned communities and residential subdivisions. They use the fees they collect from residents to maintain community spaces, plan social events and keep residents secure. 

A significant aspect of an HOA’s role is to provide security for its residents. Hiring a reputable and experienced residential security guard company is critical for keeping residents safe and maintaining a positive reputation for the community. A property without security can be vulnerable to a variety of threats, including vandalism, burglaries and physical assaults.

Signs Your Community Needs Security Guard Services

If you look at your residential community with a critical eye, you may find ample opportunities for criminal activity to take place. Unlit and unmanned parking areas and community spaces make ideal locations for crime. Inoperable streetlights, security cameras and access gates can provide easy access to criminals and unauthorized visitors.

While you'd like to think that these types of crimes won't happen in your community, property crimes are a reality across the country. Any condominium or residential neighborhood would benefit from security presence, even if crime is rare on the property. Security guards provide the type of protection that security technology cannot match. There is no better way to protect residents than having live security guards on the premises. 

If you are unsure if your property needs to hire security guards, consider the following questions when making your decision.

  • Have you heard reports of burglaries or other property crimes in the vicinity?
  • Does your property have community spaces such as pools, hot tubs, workout rooms, tennis courts or other unattended amenities?
  • Does your property have unlighted parking areas?
  • Are there open spaces that abut main roads or other communities?
  • Are your residents experiencing package theft or tampering?

How Can Security Guards Assist Your HOA

HOA leaders must understand the importance of a security presence on their property. Residential security guards are an important element of a well-run and safe community. Experienced residential security companies will help your HOA gain a better understanding of your greatest security vulnerabilities. They will work with you to identify your greatest needs and recommend the right amount of security to get the job done.

Residential security guards play a variety of roles based on the needs and layout of the property. In general, guards can play a critical role in protecting community amenities that are frequently vandalized or invite trespassers. Swimming pools, hot tubs and other athletic facilities can be targets for criminals or bored teens. Security guards work to ensure that these amenities are secured after hours by locking access points and performing live guard patrols.

HOA security guards are often the first to identify suspicious behavior that could indicate a crime is about to take place. The presence of a uniformed guard will make a criminal think twice about perpetrating their crime. Security patrols increase the sense of security that your residents feel. They also provide the HOA with peace of mind knowing that they have dedicated personnel to respond to security situations quickly and professionally.

Security guards who have specialized training in residential security know exactly what to look for. They can identify security vulnerabilities that you weren't aware of and make them known to management so they can take immediate action. Guards can act as your eyes and ears after business hours, including overnight and early morning shifts, when many crimes take place.

Residential Security Guards from Off Duty Officers

When it comes to residential security services, HOAs across the country turn to Off Duty Officers. Our team has dominated the security guard industry for over 25 years. We work with highly trained and experienced security guards, including off duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel. Our guards come to us with unique experience and take advantage of our cutting edge training opportunities to become some of the best guards in the business.

Serving residential communities and HOA's nationwide, Off Duty Officers is the top choice for residential communities in Texas, California, Florida, Washington state and Oregon. 

Contact our security specialists today to learn more about our residential security guard solutions for your HOA. 

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