Do Shopping Malls Need Professional Security Guards?

Shopping malls and other retail centers must be concerned about security. Theft and a variety of other criminal acts have been known to take place at shopping areas, putting people and property in danger. An effective deterrence to crime is the presence of a security guard. Guards not only prevent crimes from happening in the first place, they can react quickly to a criminal act in progress to keep people safe. 

Do you own a shopping center? Are you a retail store manager in a shopping mall? If you hold any of these positions, you should consider hiring security guards to keep your employees, customers and merchandise safe and secure. Here are just a few reasons why many retail shopping mall owners work with a private security guard company to handle their security needs. 

The Role of Shopping Mall Security Guards 

Security guards make people feel safe. 

When you enter a shopping area and see uniformed guards making their rounds, you know right away that the property owners care about keeping people and businesses safe. The presence of a security guard gives employees and visitors a sense of confidence that they can go about their business safely. 

Employees that work after hours or who are tasked with handling expensive merchandise will have peace of mind knowing that they are being protected by a professional when they are in higher-risk situations. Customers can rest assured that they do not have to worry about being mugged or confronted while shopping or in the parking areas. Business owners can feel confident knowing that there is a highly trained guard on the premises to ensure that the rate of theft is minimized or completely eliminated. 

Security guards deter criminals from acting out. 

A thief may arrive at your shopping mall with the intention of stealing from your retail businesses. However, imagine their dismay when they see professional, uniformed guards posted throughout the property. Guards act as a deterrence to would-be thieves who know they most likely will not get away with their crime when a security guard is on-site. 

The chances of being caught and punished by law enforcement are too great for many criminals to even attempt a criminal act. Security guards are trained to identify suspicious behavior, so they can often prevent a security situation from happening altogether. 

Security guards provide customer service. 

Security guards are very visible to your employees and customers. They are often posted at the entrances to the property or retail stores or at the security desk. Guards also perform live patrols of the property, including parking areas. In any case, guards are very often the first person a customer or employee will reach out to when they require assistance. 

From navigating the property to reporting a security concern, guards will be responsible for having a great deal of interaction with customers. A good security guard will provide quality customer service and be a trusted resource for security and information. 

Security guards react when a security situation arises. 

When an emergency or security situation arises on site, your security guards will be the first to respond. They receive high levels of training, in addition to their years of experience, so they know exactly what to do in a variety of circumstances. Depending on the needs of your shopping center, a security guard may diffuse the situation until law enforcement responds to the call. In other cases, guards may be able to restrain a suspect until police arrive on the scene. They are trained in the use of de-escalation techniques that are effective at keeping your employees and customers safe. 

Shopping Mall Security Guard Services 

Shopping centers face a unique set of security threats that can be handled by a professional security guard company. Thieves frequently target retail establishments because of the possibility of making off with valuable merchandise that they can use or resell. Because of this, they will try hard to perpetrate their crimes. 

Security guards on site will greatly decrease the chances that you will become a target. Professional guards deter criminals and monitor for suspicious behavior that could indicate that a crime is taking place. In addition to preventing crime, security guards give people an increased sense of safety while doing business on your property. 

If you own or operate a shopping mall or retail business, contact Off Duty Officers to learn more about our security guard solutions. 

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