Dispelling Five Security Guard Myths One at a Time

In some capacity, we see security guards every day. Whether at the gate of a community, the lobby of the bank, or monitoring crowd control at busy malls, security guards have become part of the backdrop of American living. Many employees and residents work side-by-side security guards and do not give it much thought. However, for others, especially ill-intended criminals, security guards may be enough of a deterrent to keep people and properties armed with guards safer than those without. Security guards are part of our daily lives, whether they are directly protecting us or simply providing overwatch somewhere we go. Business owners and managers who use professional security guard services have moved beyond the doubts and misconceptions around the investment and found safety and security on the other side. Social media and entertainment have done an excellent job of presenting two sides of security – one is the incompetent mall cop, and the other is the aggressive and shockingly wise and intuitive security guard who single-handedly takes down terrorists. Dispelling some of the most common myths about security guard personnel is the best way to level the playing field for anyone who wants to provide security at their office building, retail store, commercial, or residential property.

Myth #1: You Have to Hire Armed Security Guards

Although we often see security guards armed, the best security provider has armed and unarmed guards who are equally effective in their roles. Armed security guards will have the proper training to carry a weapon and have certification to utilize it on the job. Armed security guards are somewhat more expensive than unarmed security guards. Still, Off Duty Officers find the best security solution that fits every budget, and many situations are well served using unarmed guards as an option.

Myth #2: Security Guards Are Not Highly Qualified or Trained

Thanks to many television shows and movies, security officers have unfairly gotten a bad rap for being unable to cut it as police officers, which is why they end up in security. However, this could not be further from the truth. Off Duty Officers is owned by retired plicae officers and military personnel and prides itself on providing the best security available. The police and law enforcement can't respond immediately to every location and venue simultaneously. So, when time is of the essence and security matters, hiring private security guards is an incredibly viable option. Highly trained security guards with experience and training anticipate security problems before they occur and respond accordingly. Security guard personnel understand local laws and work closely with law enforcement and other emergency agencies to provide extra safety and protection.

Myth #3: Security Guards Do Not Have Customer Service Skills

Security guards serve a vital role in customer service, and companies like Off Duty Officers continue to train their guards to ensure they are at the top of their security game, know current threats and can provide next-level customer service. A grumpy, arms-crossed security guard may differ from what you want to represent your business. Not all security guards look or behave this way, which is why this myth should not stop you from hiring security personnel trained to work the "front of the house" and interact with employees and customers.

Myth #4: Security Guards Are Not Part of the Staff

Many people think that security guards just “Clock in” and “Clock out” and never become part of the staff. The truth is that qualified security guards are highly-trained and ready to apply their skills in specific settings to solve a myriad of security problems. Excellent security personnel arrive on the job, prepared to provide thorough risk assessment, and don't skip a beat. In many situations, the security guard's personal investment in the safety and security of the property and those within it leads to positive relations between security and employees, and many security guards are welcomed and considered staff to others.

Myth #5: Security Guards Are Too Expensive

Unfortunately, a significant number of companies do not research hiring security as part of their safety program because they automatically think it is unaffordable. Security guards serve as a keystone of security programs, and Off Duty Officers works diligently to provide safety and security at affordable rates. With many options, between armed, unarmed, short and long term, and more, our skilled and professional security guards take the lead on security and safety issues and instantly add value to any location. Don't miss out on providing extra safety for your business, and contact us today for a free quote. Off Duty Officers does not require contracts and can dispatch trained security personnel quickly.

One of the main reasons there are myths and misconceptions about security personnel is the variability between types of guards and how they are used in different situations. Daily operations of security guards vary greatly based on the client's needs, the requirements of each unique assignment, and the goals of the company hiring. A good security company can provide you with physically and mentally fit personnel ready to help your business—whether in an office building, retail location, commercial property, or anywhere else.

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