Choosing Between Armed and Unarmed Guards

In this day and age, business owners understand that they face different threats than they faced even 10 years ago. A security plan is important and must be a priority no matter what kind of business you operate. For most businesses, security guards play an integral role in any effective security strategy. 

Trained security professionals provide a number of benefits that make them indispensable to business owners. More than delivering a sense of confidence and peace of mind, security guards give you the freedom to focus on running your business. Deciding if security guards are right for your business is a no-brainer. The question is: Should you hire armed guards or unarmed guards to protect your business?

What are the differences between armed and unarmed guards?

While it may appear to be clear cut as to the difference between an armed guard and an unarmed guard, there is more that you should consider as a business operator. Unarmed guards do not carry a firearm; however, they may carry other weapons that can provide protection without being lethal. These weapons can include pepper spray, a taser or a baton. 

Armed guards, on the other hand, are licensed to carry a firearm. Because of the higher level of security they provide, armed guards receive additional training and require more extensive certifications. Because of the additional training, certifications and licensure that is required of an armed guard, they are generally a more expensive option compared to unarmed guards. 

Which option is right for you? 

To decide if an armed guard or an unarmed guard is the right choice, consider the type of business you operate. Businesses that are at a higher risk for crimes such as court houses, jewelry stores, banks and even medical facilities may benefit from an armed guard. Those businesses who face lower level threats such as convenience stores, retail stores or other establishments that do not have large sums of money or expensive merchandise may be adequately protected with unarmed guards.

There are other considerations in addition to the type of business you operate that can inform your decision. Businesses that operate in high crime areas or deal with expensive merchandise or large sums of money may require armed guards to protect the premises. Businesses that have high levels of traffic or operate large events may require a combination of armed and unarmed guards to provide adequate protection.

Deciding Between Armed and Unarmed Guards

When you've made the decision to hire security personnel to protect your business, the first thing you should do is consider your security threats and budget. Then, contact an experienced security company with a great reputation in the industry.

What are your threats?

Think about the type of business you run and evaluate your level of threat. Consider the types of crimes that you are likely to face and consider whether they are non-violent crimes such as vandalism and minor theft, or if you are facing more intense security concerns. Once you identify your threats, consider what level of security would be required to address those threats if they were to become a reality. 

Remember, while having top of the line armed guards can provide comprehensive protection, if you run a business where your greatest threat is loitering or occasional vandalism, that level of security may be overboard. Sometimes, having too much security can not only break your budget, but could deter customers from doing business with you.

What is your budget?

As we mentioned earlier, unarmed guards are a less expensive option than armed guards. Armed guards require more training, licensure and insurance. If armed guards are the level of security that your business requires, the added expense is well worth it. However, if you have a more conservative budget for security, unarmed guards can still provide you with the protection that you need. Unarmed guards from Off Duty Officers are still highly trained and experienced. In addition to deterring potential threats, they receive training in de-escalation and other pertinent skills giving you the value that you require.

Armed and unarmed guards from Off Duty Officers

Every business is different. That's why we recommend potential clients contact our security specialists to discuss their security concerns, budgets and get recommendations on the best security solutions for their needs. If you have questions about whether your business needs armed or unarmed guards, contact our team of security experts at Off Duty Officers today.

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