Security Guards – Beyond Access Control on Construction Sites

construction site security

The role of security guards on construction sites transcends the traditional perception of gatekeeping and surveillance. Their multifaceted responsibilities encompass risk assessment, emergency response, asset protection, conflict resolution, and collaboration with various stakeholders.

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Hiring Private Security is Not Just for Big Corporations Anymore

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The list of those in need of extra security is expanding as our nation craves safety. Many people are taking up arms or training to protect themselves. However, when it comes to businesses or more extensive needs for protection, private security guards already trained in firearms and other non-lethal weapons provide safety and alleviate some of the fear that has become commonplace for many Americans. The demand for private security is rising.

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Protecting Construction Sites with Security Guard Coverage

Construction Bulldozer

Construction sites are at the top of the list when it comes to targets for crime in America. Large equipment, technology cables, and pricey finishing materials disappearing off a construction site can devastate project managers and owners. One solution that construction managers use more frequently now than before is hiring top-notch construction site security guards.

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When Unarmed Security Guards Make Sense

unarmed security

Companies across the nation realize that to increase employee retention and repeat customer business. There is an unsaid demand for a higher level of safety. To meet this demand, for the first time, business owners are finding room in the budget to enhance their security, and this is starting to include unarmed security guards for low-risk companies.

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Why Your Construction Site is a Target for Criminals

construction site

Why Your Construction Site is a Target for Criminals While many people don’t think of construction sites as hotbeds for crime, site operators understand that their properties are at high risk for criminal activity. Theft at construction sites costs companies money and time. High priced equipment, tools and materials make it hard for criminals to…

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5 Reasons to Hire Construction Site Security Guards

construction site security guard

5 Reasons to Hire Construction Security Guards Construction sites are often targeted by bad actors who want access to the valuable equipment and materials that can be found there. As an operator of one of these sites, you are responsible for keeping property and people safe. In order to achieve that goal, you must take…

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Keeping Your Construction Site Safe and Secure

construction security guards

Keeping Your Construction Site Safe and Secure Security is a major consideration in all kinds of businesses, but that rings truer in a construction scenario involving property and equipment in the millions of dollars. These valuable items make such sites extremely appealing to vandals or thieves, not to mention those looking to make an easy…

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Why You Need Construction Site Security Guards

benefits of construction security2

Why You Need Construction Site Security Guards Construction sites are some of the most vulnerable targets for theft and vandalism because of their size and the high value of the equipment and materials they contain. They are particularly vulnerable after hours when construction personnel are not on site.  If you are responsible for a construction…

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