Hiring Private Security is Not Just for Big Corporations Anymore

male security jacket and tag

The list of those in need of extra security is expanding as our nation craves safety. Many people are taking up arms or training to protect themselves. However, when it comes to businesses or more extensive needs for protection, private security guards already trained in firearms and other non-lethal weapons provide safety and alleviate some of the fear that has become commonplace for many Americans. The demand for private security is rising.

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Security Guards: The First Line of Defense

building security guard

Building security guards are essential to protect banks, hospitals, schools, businesses, and other important facilities. The highest-level security guards protect not only the property but also the people. The first line of defense against various criminal activities is private security detail dedicated to providing clients high-level safety.

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Protecting Construction Sites with Security Guard Coverage

Construction Bulldozer

Construction sites are at the top of the list when it comes to targets for crime in America. Large equipment, technology cables, and pricey finishing materials disappearing off a construction site can devastate project managers and owners. One solution that construction managers use more frequently now than before is hiring top-notch construction site security guards.

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Do Not Overlook Securing Your Data


Investing in securing your data, whether personally or for your business, is something everyone should consider. Today, almost anything needing to be done can be accomplished using technology.

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How Security Guards Can Protect Your Office Building

guards in a hallway

How Security Guards Can Protect Your Office Building As a business owner, you are focused on delivering better products and services to meet the needs of your customers. But have you thought about your office building’s security? Workplace security is often overlooked. If you haven’t experienced a significant theft or security breach, you may think…

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3 Commercial Businesses That Should Hire Armed Security Guards

commercial security guard

3 Commercial Businesses That Should Hire Armed Security As a business owner, you are responsible for much more than providing quality goods and services. You are also relied upon to protect your customers and employees. Sometimes, this is not as easy as you may think. Depending on the nature of your business, you may face…

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Is Your Commercial Building Vulnerable?

parking lot security guard

Is Your Commercial Building Vulnerable? How safe is your commercial property? As the manager or owner of a commercial building, you have a responsibility to keep tenants and visitors safe while they are on the premises. If you haven’t had many security issues, you may think that your property is secure. This is a mistake.…

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