Case Study: Super Bowl Security Considerations

With Super Bowl LIV just over two weeks away, many sports fans are beginning to prepare for the biggest football game of the season. For event producers, preparation began months earlier with the management of all of the logistics and security that such a massive event requires.  

This year’s event will take place in Miami, Florida at the Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, February 2. Like any significant sporting event of this caliber, security is of the utmost concern. Not only are there crowds of people descending on the area for the game and other special events, there are many a-list celebrities, executives and high-profile people who will be in the city for the festivities.

Security will be tight to ensure the safety of everyone who visits the city of Miami for the big game. Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep an event as large as the Super Bowl safe and secure? Read on to learn about security measures that help keep sporting events like this protected from threats.

Security Considerations for Super Bowl LIV

Event producers understand that events like the Super Bowl have unique security considerations. Therefore, it is their priority to identify potential security threats and take measures to prevent the worst from occurring. In the 2018 game, for example, the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee set aside $5 million for public safety and an additional $1 million to repay the state for deploying their national guard. In addition to private security personnel and the national guard, up to forty state and federal agencies were also involved in preparing for a safe Super Bowl event that year.

Some of the most pressing security issues for a sporting event such as the Super Bowl can include:

  1. Access control
  2. Crowd management
  3. Inspecting people and bags
  4. Terrorism

In addition to some of the typical security concerns for a large sporting event, Super Bowl LIV presents some additional challenges when it comes to safety and security.

The Super Bowl is not a one-day event.

While many people think of it as just another football game, the reality is that the Super Bowl includes many events throughout the city leading up to game day. Beginning on the weekend before the game, Miami will host a variety of fan and media events at locations throughout the city, including the Miami Beach Convention Center, Bayfront Park, Marlins Park, American Airlines Arena and Hard Rock Stadium. Each venue and event will have its own unique security concerns based on their locations, layouts and the types of events that will take place.

Access control is key to protecting people and property.

To help ensure that everyone entering the stadium is ticketed and credentialed, security guards will be hired to expedite the entry and inspection process. There are strict limits to the size and types of bags that are allowed inside the venue. Further, guards and other security personnel will have the critical task of screening all guests for potentially hazardous and illegal items, including alcohol, drugs, weapons, drones, explosives and laser pointers.

More than just a football game, the Super Bowl also consists of a halftime show.

A considerable part of the Super Bowl event is the halftime show. This year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be headlining. Although the concert itself is far shorter than a typical live music event, it does not mean that the planning and logistics of pulling it off are easy.

Event staff has about 6 minutes to set up the stage after the end of the first half. With the sheer number of staff, fans and gear that enter the area in such a short period, security to maintain the safety of people and valuable equipment is a challenge. Plus, with such high-profile performers in the vicinity, there is always the risk that an overzealous fan or someone seeking attention could attempt to access the area and do harm.

The venue is in close proximity to waterways.

With Miami being close to vast waterways such as the Biscayne Bay, there are additional threats that must be considered by the city and event producers. The Coast Guard may be tasked with providing extra security in these waterways to prevent terrorist attacks or other threats before, during or after the game.

Security Guard Services – Off Duty Officers

If you have the opportunity to attend an amazing sporting event like the Super Bowl, it is necessary to recognize the time, energy and money that goes in to securing the event and creating a safe environment for guests and players as well as the residents of the host city. Super Bowl LIV, like all other big sporting events, has its own set of unique security challenges. In addition to the state and federal agencies that will be providing security planning and assistance, security guards will play a significant role on the ground in keeping people safe and responding to threats as they occur.

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