5 Reasons Why Hospitals Need Security

Many people are under the misconception that hospitals are always orderly, highly-orchestrated settings in which security is a non-issue. However, hospitals can be unpredictable places. With large numbers of people in and out of the facility daily, high tensions and frequent emergency situations, a hospital setting often requires professional security to keep it protected. 

Like other businesses with high volumes of visitors, hospitals and similar healthcare facilities face a set of risks that can place staff, patients and visitors in harm’s way. It is critical that these risks are voiced so that those with the power to make decisions related to security understand the full scope of the issue. In this article, we will highlight 5 of the common misconceptions out there about hospital security so you can be better informed about the risks. 

5 Misconceptions About Hospital Security 

Hospitals don’t require specialized security. 

Hospitals operate under unique regulations that are specific to the healthcare industry. These regulations govern activities such as interactions with patients, temperature control and safety protocols. Violating these regulations can have serious ramifications for a hospital, including fines or loss of accreditation.

Those who are responsible for security at a hospital or healthcare facility must be aware of these regulations and take them into consideration when developing a security protocol. Because hospitals are such unique venues, it is critical that the individuals in charge of security have a well-developed understanding of healthcare issues and regulatory controls.

There is no need for security in a hospital setting. 

While no hospital administrator wants to admit that there are security issues that can take place in their facility, it is untrue that healthcare facilities do not require security. Administrators must take security seriously at the start, rather than reacting to issues as they occur. It is critical that a needs assessment is conducted so that top level hospital staff understand the potential risks. This process will also ensure that you have the proper resources and manpower available.

Professional security guards are not necessary in a hospital. 

Security guards vary greatly in their levels of experience and training. You should work with a reputable company that is known throughout the industry for providing highly qualified guards, especially for those who work in healthcare settings. 

Specialized guards will have skills that prepare them for the assignment. Retail or parking lot security guards may not have the skills required to adequately understand and respond to the unique security threats that a hospital may face. Hospital security guards must excel in the areas of de-escalation and emergency response. They must also be courteous and empathic since they will be dealing with patients and families at difficult times in their lives.

Technology can replace live hospital security personnel. 

While technology certainly has a place in the healthcare system, it cannot always act as an adequate replacement to a live security guard. Security cameras are not fail-proof and can often leave large parts of the picture missing. They are unable to assess a situation and make decisions based on the information available.

Live security guards, on the other hand, are trained to handle a variety of situations and respond in the best way possible at that moment.

Intimidating guards will be bad for business.

Finally, many people are under the misconception that security guards must be big and burly and intimidating in order to be effective. They may think that these kinds of guards will give the wrong impression to patients and their families in a hospital setting. However, security guards do not come in one-size-fits-all. Muscle alone does not make a good security guard. In fact, skill, experience and intelligence are the keys to being successful in the role.

Off Duty Officers – Professional Hospital Security Guards 

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