4 Halloween Safety Tips for Businesses

With another Halloween around the corner, it can be a time of spooky family fun and a celebration of the fall season. Sometimes, bad actors may take the holiday as an excuse to wreak havoc through vandalism, theft or other actions that are against the law. If you are a business owner, you may want to take extra precautions to protect your employees, customers and property at the end of the October.

Businesses in California, Texas, Washington state, Oregon, Florida and Colorado know that security threats can pop up at any moment. The key to combating them or diminishing their impact is to be prepared. In this article, we will highlight some tips that can help you protect your business during the Halloween holiday and beyond.

4 Safety Tips for Businesses This Halloween

Communicate with your employees.

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety of your employees while they are on your property. However, here is an opportunity for you to protect them offsite as well. 

Talk with your employees about the potential risks that can be prevalent during Halloween. For example, the streets may be busy with groups of families and children while your employees are commuting home from work. Remind them to drive slowly and with caution. Avoid using the phone or doing any other distracting behavior while neighborhoods are busy with kids running from house to house. Excited children may not always follow traffic laws and may cross in unexpected locations and at unexpected times.

Decorate your business with care.

If you've decided to get in the holiday spirit, it can be a great way to boost morale in an office or work setting. While decorations and jack-o'-lanterns can contribute to a festive environment, they can also be safety hazards. Avoid lighting candles or leaving anything with an open flame unattended. Make sure that all entry and exits are clear and accessible for all employees and customers. Do not hang decorations made of flammable materials near a lamp or any other heat source.

Hide valuable assets.

If you operate a business with window displays of valuable merchandise, there is a chance that you could become a target for vandals or thieves. There have been many reports of teenagers and young adults making mischief on Halloween and the days before. If you do typically display valuable merchandise or equipment, it may be in your best interest to remove those displays and take that merchandise out of sight. If you do hold large quantities of cash, jewelry or other valuables, it may be worthwhile to remove those from the premises.

Hire security guards.

Temporary security guards can offer a valuable service for short-term security needs for businesses of all sizes. If you have security concerns around Halloween or any other time of year, professional security guards can provide you with peace of mind. The presence of a security guard is often enough to convince a criminal that it is not worth attempting to target your business. 

Guards are trained to identify suspicious behavior that could indicate that a theft or other crime is in the works. And although they may not be necessary, having a temporary security guard on site can help you to feel confident that you've protected your business and any employees and customers that may be on site.

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