4 Steps to Creating a Safety Culture in the Workplace

workplace safety culture

Whether in an office, warehouse, construction site, or any other working environment, thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target, so don’t make your business one of them. How can companies protect themselves from vandalism, theft, and other crimes? There are nine things that every business should consider when creating a safe workplace.

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Three Reasons Employees Deserve Quality Security When Returning to the Workplace

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Many companies now require employees to return to the workplace after almost three years of remote access. There will undeniably be higher tensions during this transition for companies and employees. There are three significant reasons companies should consider hiring private security guards as employees return to the workplace to ensure workplace safety and continual workflow.

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Workplace Violence on The Rise

employee termination

Employers need to know that to keep business running smoothly, measures must be taken to ensure employees feel safe and ARE safe.
The pressure is to provide extra safety measures as more significant numbers of workers return to the workplace.

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How Security Guards Can Address Workplace Violence

workplace violence security guard

How Security Guards Can Address Workplace Violence The issue of workplace violence has gained attention in the media through high profile and horrific cases. However, the issue is much more complex and often more subtle. Research indicates that most workplace violence is non-fatal and may include acts such as harassment, bullying and intimidation, not shootings…

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How to Reduce Risk in the Workplace

workplace security

How to Reduce Risk in the Workplace Employees expect much more than a steady paycheck and professional development from their jobs. Although it is almost certainly expected, security is rarely discussed in the interview process or in weekly team meetings. However, it goes without saying that employees have an expectation of safety when they are…

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Should You Be Worried About Workplace Violence?

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Should You Be Worried About Workplace Violence? As more and more businesses are opening after the pandemic, employers are dealing with a different set circumstances since March of 2020. Offices may be half occupied while others are back to normal business hours. Employees may be working a hybrid of in-person and remote placement. Other employees…

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4 Tips for Preventing Workplace Violence

employee termination workplace violence prevention

4 Tips for Preventing Workplace Violence Workplace violence is an unfortunate reality in this day and age. Although it may be impossible for business owners to completely protect their organizations from violent attacks, there are plenty of measures that they can take to help prevent it or reduce the chances of an issue escalating. After…

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