Do Booth Stations Increase Security Guard Efficiency?

ODO Security guard booth

Security guard sheds or booths may be permanent or moveable. Regardless, a manned guard station sends a clear message by providing a fixed location to gain access as well as letting everyone know a trained professional is watching over events and activities.

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Is Austin’s Sprawling Skyline Starting to Resemble Silicon Hills?


As the beautiful city of Austin continues to attract newcomers to Texas, big technology companies are getting on board. The result is the breathtaking skyline looking more like Silicon Valley. Some call Austin Silicon Hills since big technology looks to Texas as their new home. Technology corporations are hiring security guards during the transition and beyond.

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Financial Institutions Enforce Safety with Security Guards

bank money exchange

Banks and financial institutions are facing new challenges when it comes to security. Handling money, people’s valuables and irreplaceable documents make banks one of the industries with the highest demand for security guards. Live patrol enhances security measures such as cameras, access monitoring, and emergency alarms.

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What Are the Benefits of Live Guard Patrols?

guard at night

What Are the Benefits of Live Guard Patrols? Do you own or operate a commercial building? Are you responsible for maintaining a hospital facility? Do you manage a large construction site? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should seriously consider hiring live guard patrols to protect your property. Live guards provide…

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What are Live Guard Patrols?  

guard patrol

What are Live Guard Patrols?   More and more customers across the nation are contacting Off Duty Officers to learn about our live guard patrol services. Retail establishments, commercial properties and other venues that attract large numbers of people are wondering how they can best protect people and property. Live guard patrols are one of…

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4 Roles for Live Guard Patrols

guard patrolling with flashlight

4 Roles for Live Guard Patrols When considering the best security options for your business, it is best to consult with a reputable security guard company who can help you understand the possibilities. Live guard patrols are an effective means of monitoring a large property for a wide variety of threats. To decide if a…

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