Short-Term Security Guards in a Pinch

ODO Male Security Guard at Business Building

It would be perfect if every company or event planner could plan well ahead and think of everything. However, this is not the reality of security needs. Often, short-term and last-minute needs come up that require top-quality security guards that could have never been predicted.

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Skilled Security Guards Provide Mandated Fire Watch Services

fire watch

To comply with OSHA’s fire watch requirements and other agencies in place to protect workers, companies are finding the most efficient way to provide these necessary fire watch services is through a security personnel provider. Using an outside provider ensures that dispatched security is explicitly trained in fire watch services.

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Hiring Private Security is Not Just for Big Corporations Anymore

male security jacket and tag

The list of those in need of extra security is expanding as our nation craves safety. Many people are taking up arms or training to protect themselves. However, when it comes to businesses or more extensive needs for protection, private security guards already trained in firearms and other non-lethal weapons provide safety and alleviate some of the fear that has become commonplace for many Americans. The demand for private security is rising.

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Is Fire Watch Security Important for Your Business?

fire at commercial building

Is Fire Watch Security Important for Your Business? Fires can be destructive anywhere, but especially when they impact a business or residential community. Extreme property loss and potential loss of human life can be devastating when a fire breaks out. To avoid this kind of disaster, it helps to understand how fires can start in…

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What Can a Fire Watch Patrol Do For Your Business?

fire watch security guard

What Can a Fire Watch Patrol Do For Your Business? With fires ravaging the West Coast, many people have fire concerns at the top of their minds. As a business or property owner, fire watch security should be a critical component of your safety and security plans. Neglecting to hire a professional fire watch security…

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When Should You Hire Fire Watch Guards?

corporate Fire Watch

When Should You Hire Fire Watch Guards? No matter what type of business you operate, you are responsible for protecting your employees, customers and visitors from the threat of a fire. High-tech alarm, security and fire systems are an effective means of protection, but what happens when they malfunction? To ensure the safety of your…

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