Why Businesses, Government Sectors and Events Need Private Security

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In a world where uncertainty and threats are constant companions, the imperative of security cannot be overstated. Off Duty Officers, Inc., as a premier private security guard company, has positioned itself at the forefront of the industry, emerging as an essential partner for governments, businesses, and events nationwide.

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Short-Term Security Guards in a Pinch

ODO Male Security Guard at Business Building

It would be perfect if every company or event planner could plan well ahead and think of everything. However, this is not the reality of security needs. Often, short-term and last-minute needs come up that require top-quality security guards that could have never been predicted.

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Security Coverage You Never Knew You Needed

Event Meeting Security

There are many areas of security guard coverage that most never realize are available. What may be surprising is how many options there are when considering hiring private security guards and the affordability of services.

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Security Guard Offers Testimony in Johnny Depp’s Case

Off Duty Johnny Dep

It is not surprising that security guards are often called upon to provide testimonies and eyewitness accounts in court cases. Security guards, coming from professional military and law enforcement backgrounds, are incredibly articulate when describing an event or occurrence, providing clarity to the attorneys, jurors, and judge.

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Are Executive Protection Services Right For You?

executive protection

Are Executive Protection Services Right For You? Just one look at the news will tell you that security threats are happening all the time. While no one is completely safe, executives and other corporate leaders can be at a higher risk because they are well-known, wealthy and high-powered. Angry former employees, thieves and those who…

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Does Your Executive Need Protection?

executive security guards

Does Your Executive Need Protection? Executives for large companies can be targets for a variety of threats. They have high-powered positions, financial means and high-visibility, all of which can attract the ire of bad actors who want to make a point. The internet has made these executives even more known to the public. Whether they…

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