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Thousand Oaks consists of more than one-third of its space as open nature areas. Nestled against the Santa Monica Mountains and a short, winding drive to its coastal neighbor, Malibu, Thousand Oaks has well-designed suburban developments that allow its residents to enjoy many outdoor activities. Thousand Oaks is the perfect mix of convenience, beautiful residential areas, and plentiful outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy. When Thousand Oaks businesses and residents require the best security services, they rely on Off Duty Officers.

Established more than thirty years ago by retired law enforcement and military personnel, Off Duty Officers continues to lead the industry providing safety and security for retail, residential, commercial, and private sites, events, school campuses, religious establishments, and more. We are the trusted security guard provider for Fortune 500 companies and continue to provide the best security guard services to businesses and residents in Thousand Oaks. All our security guards are trained, experienced, licensed, and bonded to ensure the best quality to meet and exceed all your security needs.

Whether you live or work in Thousand Oaks, Off Duty Officers is the area's most requested and top-rated security provider. Call today for a free quote – we do not require contracts and can dispatch highly qualified guards quickly! Our security coordinator is standing by, able to find a comprehensive security plan for your specific safety needs.

Off Duty Officers, Inc. is unmatched in skill and availability of highly qualified security guards ready to dispatch to Chula Vista.

Full Range Security Guard Services Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks residents and businesses value a high level of safety for the people and properties, and that is why they depend on Off Duty Officers to provide a full range of security guard services. Instead of leaving security to chance, Thousand Oaks customers choose to work with the top-rated security personnel provider when it matters. Our security experts do risk assessments upon arrival, hit the ground running, and keep Thousand Oaks safe. Security threats are real, no matter where you live or work, and the expertise and decades of collective experience of Off Duty Officers' professional security guards ensure the safety and security for any need, whether large or small.

Off Duty Officers’ reputation in the industry is unmatched in quality and value. We have the most reliable and experienced security guards in the business. Thousand Oaks businesses and residents have peace of mind when working with Off Duty Officers because not only are they licensed and insured, they have they go through extensive training and are certified in all emergency services to be able to step in and handle any emergency that may occur.

Off Duty Officers Values What Is Important to Thousand Oaks

Off Duty Officers is the only full-service security solution serving Thousand Oaks. We have armed and unarmed guard security solutions and provide short-term, long-term, and permanent security solutions. We provide excellence in safety and security for businesses, residential, construction sites, workplaces, events, cannabis dispensaries, trade shows, hospitals, and campuses. Off Duty Officers also maintains the highest rating in VIP and corporate security. Across the board, when it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of Thousand Oaks, Off Duty Officers is hands-down the best security solution. We pride ourselves on our security team’s professionalism, experience, and dedication to your safety.

Thousand Oaks Restaurant and Retail Security Services

Restaurants and retail serve countless residents and visitors to Thousand Oaks. During the busy times of the year, when tourism is at its peak, Thousand Oaks businesses and residents deserve safety and protection. Customers want to feel safe when shopping or eating out, and employees want to know they have a professional security guard onsite for any emergency that occurs. The wide range of services off Duty Officers are prepared to perform when in a security role, keep people safe, and allow business and events to run smoothly. Our security guards are familiar with Thousand Oaks’ noise and health ordinances and will ensure they are adhered to while overseeing the ongoing activity.

Thousand Oaks Corporate and Private Events

When it comes to the highest level of safety for patrons attending private or corporate events, Off Duty Officers has more experience than any other security provider serving Thousand Oaks. Our security personnel carry themselves in a professional manner, are well-respected, and always leave clients raving about their level of experience and service. When planning an event, especially one that may exceed occupancy or traffic capacity for a location, you need expert security guards from Off Duty Officers. Our security guards monitor the premises and activity, manage crowd control, perform pre-event analysis, and check credentials when required. When it comes to large-scale outdoor events, Off Duty Officers’ security personnel bring the experience and training to handle emergencies calmly and appropriately. Private events can be elevated by having onsite private security personnel. Security guards can be in uniform or event attire, allowing guests and those being honored peace of mind while ensuring personal belongings are protected.


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Off Duty Officers wants customers in Thousand Oaks to know that hiring security does not have to be overwhelming. We do not require contracts and work with you to find an affordable security solution to fit exactly what you need. Our expert security solutions coordinator is standing by and will make the process simple and offer an immediate quote. Our experts never try to oversell security and work to find a security solution.

Off Duty Officers has been serving Thousand Oaks for more than 25 years, and we continue to protect all industries – there is no job too large or small for our expert and top-rated security guards.

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