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Whether you live, work, or visit Denver, you instantly recognize the business of the populated city in Colorado. The impressive metropolitan area seems packed with "mile-high" buildings occupied by large and medium-sized companies. Many successful businesses call Denver home. Outside downtown, the residential suburbs span miles, with shops and other companies trickling throughout. Denver literally has something for everyone, and Off Duty Officers understands the unique security needs for private security and the importance of safety and protection for the businesses and people of Denver. We have been diligently serving Denver for more than 30 years, and we continue to be the most requested and highest rated private security guard company serving Denver and surrounding areas.

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has been the first choice for private security services in Denver and surrounding areas. Our professional team of security personnel is unmatched in background, skill, quality, and experience. Our security guards have law enforcement and military backgrounds, bringing hands-on experience to every job. The Denver Security Coordinator finds affordable security solutions customized for each unique Denver request. Whether an event, a last-minute security need, or a long-standing commercial security presence, we offer the most comprehensive security services available. The skill of our professional and customer-focused security guards continues to impress our Denver clients as they know they can rely on the expertise and dedication of highly trained professionals.

When Safety Matters Denver Relies on Off Duty Officers

Denver’s picturesque backdrop draws people and businesses to it, and as the city continues to grow, security needs are also increasing. Retail shops want protection from loss, school campuses want overwatch protection for faculty and students, hospitals and banks want access monitored, and corporate buildings and construction sites require security presence to deter crime and vandalism. Event security is another significant request from Denver clients because of the city’s continual engagement with visitors, trade show organizers, and countless beautiful sites for special private events. When Denver wants peace of mind, they can rely on Off Duty Officers to go above and beyond on every private security assignment.

As we have just passed our 30th year of service in Denver, we pride ourselves on returning customers and excellent ratings on our comprehensive security plans. Our Denver security coordinator does not miss any details, knows exactly what questions to ask to help identify security concerns, and provides several security solutions so that small and large budgets can be met. We customize security plans around Denver's needs, are familiar with the city's safety codes and regulatory requirements, and always come prepared and ready to provide excellent security services. Our security personnel continue training, maintain current certifications, and are licensed, bonded, and insured, so Denver clients don't have to worry about anything but getting the best private security services available.

Armed and Unarmed Guards Provide Denver Protection and Safety

Deciding on when, where, and how long to hire security guards impacts the cost, and our coordinator works to help you find the best coverage to fit your budget. In hospitals, banks, schools, and retail, armed guards may be a preferred service. However, our highly trained security guards know de-escalation tactics that are as effective in crowd control and addressing security concerns. Lobby monitoring and access control may or may not warrant weapons, but that is up to the unique needs of your security concerns, and we work to find an affordable solution just for you. Construction Site and Fire Watch Security Services may be filled with armed and unarmed guards, so it depends on the unique needs of each private security request.

Our guards, service, and flexibility are above average and keep us as Denver's leading private security services provider. If you live or work in Denver or are hosting an event, we have security guards that will go above and beyond. We strive to exceed expectations and do not require contracts to dispatch someone qualified to your Denver location. Off Duty Officers believe that everyone who wants private safety and security deserves it, and we continue to provide affordable custom security solutions for all our Denver customers.

Whatever your security concerns or needs, contact Off Duty Officers today for a hassle-free quote. You can call 844-262-6650 to speak with our Denver coordinator or click here. We are standing by, ready to help ensure you get the security you seek!

Private Security Guard Services Denver

Denver businesses and individuals can rely on the comprehensive security solutions from Off Duty Officers. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide free quotes. We know it is sometimes predictable when a security need arises, so we want to be available whenever our Denver clients need our services. Some of the areas in which we provide exceptional security coverage in Denver are:

  • Business Security - variety of security services for all of Denver's businesses
  • Construction Site Security - access monitoring, safety overwatch, fire watch, loss prevention, emergency services
  • Events - tradeshows, expos, concerts, weddings, and other private gatherings
  • Fire Watch - hot processes, safety equipment installation or malfunction, occupancy exceedances for events, compliance with Denver’s fire code
  • Residential Security - communities, guard booths, mobile patrols
  • Retail Security – crime deterrence, loss prevention, crowd control, emergency services
  • Workplace Security - high-risk terminations, layoffs, lobby security presence

These are only a few of the many security services we provide for our Denver customers. If you need it, we have guards trained in that area. Our security personnel continue to train and stay current with certifications and security threats specific to Denver businesses and residents.

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denverSkylineWe understand better than any other private security provider that Denver deserves the best protection. We value safety for Denver businesses, events, and residents. As the city continues to grow, so does the need for private security, and Denver can always depend on the consistent security services Off Duty Officers provides. Since 1993, we have provided customer-service-based security services, consistently recognized for going above and beyond. We take pride in what we do and want to protect Denver in the best way possible. When it comes to providing Denver with the best security guards, only Off Duty Officers will come through for you time and time again.


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