Four Undeniable Reasons to Consider Temporary Security Services

special event security

Temporary security is a viable option for many companies and private events as we approach the last two celebration-filled months of 2022. Established businesses and residential communities require longer-term service, but what if you only have security needs for a special occasion, a day, a week, or another short-term need? People who seek extra safety for short-term needs deserve the best quality security guards who treat short-term assignments with the same dedication as longer-term ones.

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Security Guard Offers Testimony in Johnny Depp’s Case

Off Duty Johnny Dep

It is not surprising that security guards are often called upon to provide testimonies and eyewitness accounts in court cases. Security guards, coming from professional military and law enforcement backgrounds, are incredibly articulate when describing an event or occurrence, providing clarity to the attorneys, jurors, and judge.

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5 Reasons Why You Might Need Personal Security

personal security guards

5 Reasons Why You Might Need Personal Security Security threats can come at any time and happen to people from all walks of life. No one is immune to possible threat. Some individuals are more prone to dangerous situations because of their jobs, reputations or high-profile statuses. Personal security guards can often mean the difference…

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What is VIP Security, and Do You Need It?

VIP Security

What is VIP Security, and Do You Need It? Private security is a broader career sector than most people are aware. Security guards might work in retail establishments, thwarting would-be shoplifters; patrol industrial complexes to manage access and protect company property; or, they might even serve in the exclusive cadre of VIP security. What is…

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The Roles of a Bodyguard

what is a bodyguard

The Roles of a Bodyguard Bodyguards are familiar figures in television and movies, characterized by their sunglasses, cropped haircuts and dark suits. They have a no-nonsense attitude that makes it clear that they are not the type of people you want to mess with. But bodyguards are much more than imposing presences. They are highly…

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Why Your Executive Needs Protection

executive security services

Why Your Executive Needs Protection Do your top executives have personal security? If they don’t, it might be time to consider it. Executives and other key members of your company are facing even greater risks than ever before when it comes to their personal security. If you are not taking every precaution to protect your…

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VIPs Need Bodyguards Now More Than Ever Before

vip and private security guards

VIPs Need Bodyguards Now More Than Ever Before Security is an issue for everyone these days, but especially for VIPs like celebrities, politicians, executives and other high-profile individuals. Famous people and those in the spotlight have very unique security needs. That’s why VIPs seek the services of a professional and experienced security detail that specializes…

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