Dispelling Five Security Guard Myths One at a Time

friendly black security guard mall

In some capacity, we see security guards every day. Whether at the gate of a community, the lobby of the bank, or monitoring crowd control at busy malls, security guards have become part of the backdrop of American living. Business owners and managers who use professional security guard services have moved beyond the doubts and misconceptions around the investment and found safety and security on the other side.

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Why Parking Lot Security Guards Are A Necessity This Holiday Season

parking lot security guard

Businesses, especially retailers, understand the value of high-quality security guards during the busy holidays. What is less known is the incredible value of security guards protecting parking lots. One in ten property crimes takes place in parking lots and garages. Businesses should take extra measures during the upcoming holidays to ensure the safety of their employees, consumers, and delivery drivers.

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Off Duty Officers, Inc., Your Partner for a Secure Holiday Season

people in line holidays crowd control

The holiday season is a time of celebration and increased business activity, but it also brings security challenges that should not be underestimated. Off Duty Officers, Inc. is your trusted partner for ensuring the safety of your customers, employees, and assets during this festive period. To avoid personnel shortages and secure the best protection for your business, it’s imperative to book Off Duty Officers, Inc. nationwide security services well in advance.

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Security Guard Solutions to Deter Dealership Crimes

car dealership male security guard

Dealership crimes can have devastating consequences, both financially and can damage a company’s reputation. Off Duty Officers, with its extensive experience dating back to 1993, provides comprehensive security guard solutions to deter these crimes effectively.

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Do Booth Stations Increase Security Guard Efficiency?

ODO Security guard booth

Security guard sheds or booths may be permanent or moveable. Regardless, a manned guard station sends a clear message by providing a fixed location to gain access as well as letting everyone know a trained professional is watching over events and activities.

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Keeping Communities Safe with Residential Security

residential security guards

Armed and unarmed guards are highly qualified with backgrounds as law enforcement officers and military personnel. Professionals are trained for emergencies and other potentially dangerous situations; residential security provides peace of mind to residents and visitors.

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Preparing for the Holidays by Increasing Parking Lot Security

Mall Parking Guard

It seems that parking lots are never quite ready for the dramatic increase in shopper traffic over the holidays. It also seems that parking spaces are getting smaller, and cars are getting bigger! All these factors can add tension to parking lots. Something as simple as adding trained and experienced security guards can alleviate the added stress and eliminate the risk of something getting out of hand.

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When Unarmed Security Guards Make Sense

unarmed security

Companies across the nation realize that to increase employee retention and repeat customer business. There is an unsaid demand for a higher level of safety. To meet this demand, for the first time, business owners are finding room in the budget to enhance their security, and this is starting to include unarmed security guards for low-risk companies.

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