The Crucial Role of Private Security Guards in Mitigating Workplace Violence During Staff Terminations

employee burning documents at work termination

In the challenging world of business, the termination of employees is an unfortunate but sometimes necessary action. Such events can escalate into emotionally charged and potentially dangerous situations. The presence of well-trained security guards during these times is invaluable, as they play a critical role in ensuring a safe and secure environment for all parties involved.

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Four Undeniable Reasons to Consider Temporary Security Services

special event security

Temporary security is a viable option for many companies and private events as we approach the last two celebration-filled months of 2022. Established businesses and residential communities require longer-term service, but what if you only have security needs for a special occasion, a day, a week, or another short-term need? People who seek extra safety for short-term needs deserve the best quality security guards who treat short-term assignments with the same dedication as longer-term ones.

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Top Three Reasons to Hire Security for Employee Terminations

employee termination

Releasing an employee is unpleasant and can often be nerve-racking. Being fired may trigger strong emotional responses in some, and others may lash out as they depart the building, while others still go off without a hitch. The escalations and unknowns lead businesses to hire security guards to be onsite and present during employee terminations.

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