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The historic and beautiful capital city of California is Sacramento. Sacramento is a must-visit for many coming to the West Coast. The capitol building alone stands with an air of historical significance, as do Sutter’s Fort and the California State Railroad Museum. Sacramento’s booming downtown and well-established suburbs are home to countless businesses, large and small. Sacramento business owners know they can depend on Off Duty Officers to keep the workplace safe, and their employees and facility secure during high-risk terminations.

When it comes to top-notch security during a high-risk employee termination, Off Duty Officers is hands-down the best provider serving Sacramento. We dispatch only professionally trained and experienced security guards, armed or unarmed, who are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our workplace security guards have de-escalation training and bring decades of collective experience to identify threats and ensure safety during high-risk employee terminations.

In many cases, business owners and managers may need to find out if an employee is high-risk or how to approach them if they notice red flags. Off Duty Officers works closely with Sacramento business owners and human resource departments to help identify employees at higher risk. If you need to let an employee go, and any of these signs are evident, please get in touch with Off Duty Officers today.

  • Employees making threats, either verbal or non-verbal, against the organization, management, or another employee.
  • Employees showing signs of aggression or who have a history of violence.
  • Openly disgruntled employees, claiming the company, management, or another employee have wronged them. Chronic complaining about being a victim can also be a red flag for high-risk employees.
  • Employees suddenly missing work for no reason, and eratic behavior changes, like explosive responses to customers or other employees and resistance to feedback on performance.

Even if you hadn't planned on hiring private security during the employee termination, it is not worth the risk. Sacramento companies understand how critical it is to maintain business as usual when staffing changes occur. Layoffs and terminations, whether expected or not, can trigger some people to respond explosively and disrupt the workplace. An explosive reaction by an employee being released from employment can strike fear in the staff and bystanders. Business comes to a screeching halt, and it takes time for business to return to normal productivity. If you have any concerns about terminating an employee that you believe may be at a higher risk, you can depend on Off Duty Officers to work with you to ensure you, your staff, your property, and your company’s assets are protected.

Sacramento business owners, managers, and human resource staff must consider the risk level of every employee. Those who show signs of high risk should be attended to and overwatched by professional and trained workplace safety security guards during and following termination.

Sacramento Relies on Off Duty Officers to Handle High-Risk Employee Terminations

When Sacramento business owners and managers contact Off Duty Officers, our expert coordinator finds qualified security guards trained and experienced in high-risk employee terminations. We will partner with you to determine if you want background checks performed on the employee to be terminated and the best plan of action before, during, and immediately following the employee's release. When planning for an employee termination, there are factors to consider, such as location, if they must leave immediately, and if they are expecting to be let go.

What Sacramento Businesses Must Consider During High-Risk Employee Terminations

Is the employee expecting termination?

Often, even when an employer may assume the employee knows they are losing their job, it does not mean it will go smoothly. Unfortunately, when an employee is expected to be terminated, they have had time to plan and strategize if they have ill intentions, are angry, or feel the need to get revenge.

Has the employee made threats?

If an employee has made threats, even verbally and supposedly in jest, to anyone or anything in the business, these comments must be taken seriously. Even if an employee is not expecting to lose control during their termination, these open threats show they are capable of having those thoughts.

Where will the termination occur?

The location of where an employee will be released comes into play when planning a high-risk employee termination. Will the employee be fired on the job site, in the office, or while working remotely? Although not any specific one of these has higher risks, it does come into play when coming up with the best plan to execute.

The location in Sacramento where the employee will be asked to leave can significantly impact the ease of collecting company property and access cards. A planned employee termination has greater success, but Off Duty Officers can dispatch a skilled security guard with less notice, and we do not require a service contract. If you find yourself in a pickle and decide to provide your business and people the protection they deserve at the last minute, contact Off Duty Officers for an immediate response and a hassle-free quote for affordable security solutions to assist in your high-risk employee termination.

High-Risk Employee Terminations in Sacramento

Off Duty Officers understands better than any security provider the uniqueness of every employee termination. Although not every employee will be high-risk, there are signs to watch for and things to consider. If you have any questions about an upcoming employee termination, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for help. We partner with our Sacramento companies to provide peace of mind management, employees, and customers. Our professional security guards know Sacramento's current threats, and our dedicated team continues training to ensure they are current on any new threats and risks. Off Duty Officers recognizes the need to maintain a company's integrity during these high-risk employee terminations.

When businesses in Sacramento face high-risk employee terminations, the unknowns can be overwhelming. It is best to prepare instead of noticing something later that should have triggered a concern. Off Duty Officers is owned and operated by retired law enforcement and military, and our services can’t be beaten in Sacramento. Many times, employee terminations are due to underperformance or misconduct – either is uncomfortable for everyone. Regardless, we understand that employee terminations must take place, even when there is risk. However, don’t put that risk on your employees; instead, use a professionally trained security guard to help the process go seamlessly. Off Duty Officers continue to go above and beyond for our Sacramento clients.

Off Duty Officers can help San Jose companies during all employee terminations, especially those with high risk.

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sacramentoWhen it comes to providing Sacramento business owners and managers protection during uncertain employee terminations, we can’t be beat in making staff and customers feel safe and secure. Sacramento companies have relied on the expertise of Off Duty Officers since 1993. We pride ourselves on providing security solutions for Sacramento businesses at affordable prices and the high-level quality of our trained guards. Our nationwide services allow us to quickly dispatch a trained high-risk employee termination professional to your Sacramento business. So, even if you forgot to plan or the signs show up last minute, call today for the best protection.

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