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When it comes to ensuring the safety of people, properties, land, and other assets in Waco, choosing the top-rated fire watch safety personnel matters. If safety equipment is offline or malfunctioning, Waco’s building, safety, and fire codes mandate a fire watch to keep Waco safe. Owners must hire the most highly rated security guards available to ensure professional coverage from those with experience and who are fully bonded and insured. There are several situations where fire watches are mandated, and owners want to meet and comply with fire codes. Too many things can go wrong without experienced fire watch security guards, so why risk it?

Anytime fire alarms or other safety equipment are offline for ANY reason, fire watch security guards are required to comply with Waco's safety standards. It is up to business owners and managers to work with the best fire watch available. Off Duty Officers always delivers quality security guards whenever Waco customers need exceptional fire watch coverage. Our qualified and experienced professional fire watch security personnel have the background and training, always fully bonded and insured, to protect our Waco client’s investments and interests.

When welding and hot work processes are occurring, a fire watch is also necessary to comply with local fire code requirements. In open construction sites, our Fire Watch Security Guards are on location day and night to ensure safety around the clock. It is required to have Fire Watch available anytime people are on location, and our security personnel are trained to maintain the highest quality protection until safety equipment is fully functional and approved by El Paso's Fire Department.

Fire Watch Services in Waco

Since fire watch is mandated in Waco’s fire code during safety equipment maintenance, installation, and a few other scenarios, here is what Waco customers need to know about mandated fire watch services and when they are responsible for providing this coverage to keep Waco safe. Mitigation of fire risk must be provided when:

  • Safety and fire equipment are offline for ANY reason, including maintenance, damage, or malfunctioning.
  • When buildings, facilities, and construction sites are under demolition and new developments where equipment still needs to be installed, online, and tested.
  • During occupancy changes that affect fire and safety code requirements for building owners and new tenants.
  • ANY hot work, welding, or processes that have an open flame.
  • Special events that require temporary exceedance of occupancy limits as set forth by Waco’s fire and building departments.

When Waco is experiencing fire protection systems that are not working correctly, the risk of fire is too great to take any chances. Instead, business owners and managers can consistently rely on excellent fire watch security guards from Off Duty Officers, and our security personnel are bonded and fully insured. When fire watch personnel must be on location from opening until the last person leaves or during a 24-hour watch, we have you covered. Continuous coverage may be required if fire equipment is damaged, and monitoring is necessary to ensure safety from fire risks around the clock until damage is fixed and equipment is tested.

Immediate Fire Watch Response in Waco

If there is one thing that Off Duty Offices, Inc. understands, it is that not every fire watch need can be planned for and predicted. In some scenarios, a fire watch may be last minute and urgent, and that is when Waco customers can depend on our experts, ready to go, arrive prepared, and hit the ground running for fire watch services. When you have a professional, top-rated fire watch security guard, they show up, know what to do, and start providing protection immediately. When fire systems and safety equipment get damaged or go offline unexpectedly, fire watch security is required, and building owners and tenants are responsible for providing this protection from a licensed and bonded security firm. Our fire watch security personnel can be on site quickly and remain on site as needed, whether during occupancy hours or 24-hour watches.

Our security company replies promptly to requests and is able to dispatch highly qualified fire watch personnel throughout Waco with faster-than-expected response times. Our fire watch crew will remain on location until all fire safety equipment is online, operable, examined, and sanctioned by Waco’s fire department. We pride ourselves on providing Waco with the highest level of fire watch security available and partner with our clients to find affordable fire watch safety solutions.


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waco texasOff Duty Officers is owned and operated by retired law enforcement and military personnel. Our team is dedicated to fire watch security and has provided Waco top-quality services since 1993.

Our professionally trained fire watch security guards provide 24-hour watches to businesses in Waco who want to remain compliant with Waco’s fire marshal regulations and codes. Our security firm provides fire watches to all businesses, warehouses, construction sites, academic facilities, hospitals, banks, and more. Regardless of what type of business you have in Waco, when fire watch security is required, you can count on Off Duty Officers.

In an effort to mitigate fire risk during equipment malfunctioning, occupancy exceedances, hot work processes, and construction installation and demos, owners must hire fire watch security services to comply with Waco’s safety regulations. When sprinklers, alarm systems, exits, or entrances are obstructed or broken, our specifically trained security guards are experts at identifying risks and staying on top of activities to ensure safety.

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