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When it comes to the impressive city of Dallas, bigger is always better. Dallas's high rises are breathtaking, and when the daily hustle and bustle of businesses ring through the city, it brings peace knowing that top-quality security protection is available, especially when it comes to high-risk employee terminations. Dallas continues to draw professionals and families to the area, and businesses are growing. Dallas’ businesses depend on security services for their needs regarding high-risk employee terminations, and Off Duty Officers is the most dependable and trusted security provider in Dallas.

Today’s Workplace Demands Security

The workplace can quickly become toxic with disgruntled employees or those aggravated with management or other employees. Although many people assume that employees are harmless, it is impossible to know how a person will react when released from their job. Someone being let go may trigger an unexpected emotional response that leaves others feeling uncomfortable or, worse, unsafe. If an employee verbalizes or displays aggression while at work, this situation must have security oversight throughout the termination and vacancy process. Working with a professional high-risk employee termination security provider ensures the safety of everyone throughout the process, including collecting company property and an escort off the property.

Dallas business owners and managers should strongly consider that every employee has the potential to be high risk. Security overwatch can provide calmness and order, discouraging anyone from acting out or making a scene when leaving the premises.

In Dallas, businesses will continue to grow, and with growth comes change. Dallas businesses can rely on Off Duty Officers, Inc. when they need trained employee termination security to minimize any risk associated with an employee’s release. Off Duty Officers, Inc. has experienced and skilled armed and unarmed security guards who expertly establish authority and order, ensuring employee terminations do not escalate and that the employees, guests, and assets are protected. In Dallas, workplace violence retaliation is a consideration for business owners. Unstable employees are unpredictable; disruptions can halt production and make others feel unsafe at work. If an employee becomes explosive during their termination, it will cause fear and uncertainty. If an employee does not react, the presence of trained security personnel still establishes a sense of safety. If a specific employee has been the target of threats, providing high-risk employee termination security is critical during the employee's release.

Off Duty Officers Handle High-Risk Employee Terminations Professionally

When Dallas companies need employee termination security, Off Duty Officers responds promptly and with the highest quality coverage available in Dallas. Our security coordinator finds trained and experienced employee termination professionals. At the business’ request, Off Duty Officers, Inc. begins with a background check of the employee being terminated. Knowing a person’s history can be helpful when determining how best to handle the termination and identify risks that may have been overlooked. When an employee meets high-risk criteria, determined when working with our experienced employee termination coordinator, we provide a comprehensive plan to ensure the termination occurs without disruption.

High-Risk Employee Terminations in Dallas

Off Duty Officers understand every employee termination is unique. It is not always the case that an employee will send up red flags. Still, Dallas businesses must be aware of possible threats. Our highly trained employee termination security guards will partner with HR and managers to identify potential threats and ensure they are addressed ahead of time. A proactive approach to high-risk employee terminations saves Dallas businesses time and money.

When businesses in Dallas plan for employee terminations, there are many unknowns that our coordinator can inquire about and help determine the risk factors of individual employees. Employee terminations are often due to underperformance or misconduct, which is always uncomfortable for those remaining. However, employee terminations are a necessary part of running a successful business. Off Duty Officers, Inc. brings decades of experience to the table, and regardless of risk, our employee termination security personnel go above and beyond the expectations of our Dallas clients.

Signs of High-Risk Employees in Dallas

High-risk employees may display some of the following:

  • Making verbal or non-verbal threats against the company or other workers.
  • Showing signs of aggression.
  • Disgruntled or complaining chronically about management or their treatment, having a victim mentality.
  • Responding explosively to feedback in dealing with customers or employees.
  • Calling off work and missing excessive amounts of days can indicate higher risk.

If you are a Dallas business owner, manager, or HR professional, do not take the chance when preparing for a high-risk employee termination. Ensure the safety of your people by hiring professional security personnel from Off Duty Officers. We offer the most comprehensive high-risk employee termination plan in the industry. Keeping employees safe, maintaining the flow and integrity of your business, and ensuring employee terminations are done without disruption are crucial in today's workplace.

When it matters to provide your Dallas company with a safe environment for businesses to carry on with a sense of safety and security during high-risk employee terminations, rely on Off Duty Officers' professional and dedicated services. We offer affordable rates for short-term assignments and do not require a contract. Our nationwide services allow us to quickly dispatch a trained high-risk employee termination professional to your Dallas business. We can accommodate companies experiencing a last-minute need to release an employee believed to be high-risk. Do not hesitate to contact Off Duty Officers if this occurs – we can help!

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Considerations for Dallas Companies Facing Possible High-Risk Terminations

Dallas Texas Security CompanyAn employee's release is multi-faceted. Final checks are issued, property is collected, and keys are surrendered. Many things must occur during this process, and having a trained security professional there allows the termination to happen flawlessly. Dallas companies should consider a few things before moving ahead with an employee termination.

Most importantly, is the employee expecting to be terminated? When an employer thinks it is evident, the employee may be blindsided. Being surprised does not mean an employee will react strongly, but if they are disgruntled about it or feel it is unjust, they may behave in an emotionally charged way, which can be scary for those witnessing it.

Also, have there been verbal or non-verbal threats against anyone in the company? Comments made jokingly should be considered and taken seriously in this scenario.

Lastly, where will the termination occur? An office, job site, or Zoom? Location can significantly impact Dallas companies’ termination process. If you are unsure how this will affect your business, contact Off Duty Officers. We can explain the different risks and help determine if the employee is considered high-risk.

Off Duty Officers Offers Experience and Quality

If you have an employee termination, Off Duty Officers will provide you with safety and security. We are the #1 high-risk employee termination security provider in Dallas. We are ready to work with Dallas clients to create a custom security plan for your upcoming high-risk termination in Dallas.

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