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Denver, also known as The Mile High City, uniquely offers residents and businesses beautiful outdoor spaces and sophisticated urban areas. Denver offers people a vibrant culture, including thriving music, sports, and art communities. Denver is also a dream for foodies.

With the breathtaking Rocky Mountain backdrop, Denver has something for everyone, so it is a highly sought-after location to build a family, home, and business. As more companies come to Denver and existing companies grow, staffing is ramping up. It is always a pleasure to hire new employees, even better when it works out longer term. However, every business owner knows that there are times when employees need to be terminated. Today, Denver workplace managers and business owners must consider how to protect their people, clients, and businesses during a high-risk employee termination. Hiring exceptionally skilled employee termination security guards from Off Duty Officers is the only way to ensure safety and security. Individuals who may become disgruntled during an employee termination may have access to firearms. With active shootings on the rise, Denver companies must consider the value of adding private security guards during high-risk employee terminations.

High-Risk Employee Terminations Require Expert Oversight

There are several ways in which highly trained workplace safety security guards add value during an employee termination. Not all employee terminations will escalate or result in retaliation. However, having a security presence puts others at ease and allows business to flow as usual. The termination process will go much more smoothly by proactively hiring qualified workplace safety security guards from Off Duty Officers in Denver.

First, having a uniformed security guard, whether armed or unarmed, sets a tone of authority and is effective in preventing an outbreak or overreaction by an employee being asked to leave. No Denver company should risk having one-on-one terminations regardless of the scenario. Managing terminations with qualified and experienced security guards takes the pressure off Denver’s business owners and managers, which is why Off Duty Officers has been Denver's top-rated workplace security provider for over 30 years. Working closely with trained workplace security guards can help determine if the employee being terminated is high-risk, come up with a plan, perform background checks at the request of the company, and help ensure the successful execution of the termination. Additionally, following an employee termination, it may be necessary to escort an individual to their area to gather personal belongings and return any company property, and only qualified workplace security personnel handle this professionally and discreetly. Lastly, continuing to escort employees off the property ensures no outbreaks or retaliation. Having a professional security escort also ensures access cards and parking passes are returned. Off Duty Officers’ workplace security personnel are the only way to ensure Denver companies get the protection they deserve for their employees and clients.

What Denver Companies Should Consider During an Employee Termination

There are several things to consider for any employee termination. Human resources alone are often not equipped to handle higher-risk employee terminations. Off Duty Officers has provided top-notch employee termination security guards in Denver for over 30 years and continues leading the industry in workplace safety. Things Denver managers and owners should consider are:

Location of the Termination

Whether the termination is scheduled in the office or a job site will help determine the best security for your employee termination. Off Duty Officers' workplace security guards partner with companies to help determine the best way to prepare for the meeting and continue oversight until the terminated employee has left the premises and returned all company belongings and access cards.

Do Threats to the Company or Employees Precede Employee Termination?

Off Duty Officers always encouraged Denver businesses to identify any threats, implied or otherwise, that may have occurred up to the termination. All threats should be considered, especially if directly to another employee. In these situations, Off Duty officers will provide additional safety to the threatened person or persons after the termination.

Is Employee Expecting Termination?

Any termination comes with some risks. Expected terminations allow the employee to have time to prepare for their exit. They may have harsh words or a more thought-out plan of what they will do once terminated. Whether an employee is expecting the termination, it is hard to determine how each employee will respond precisely. The only safe way to protect employees, clients, and businesses in Denver is to hire the best workplace safety security guards in the industry, and only Off Duty Officers stands behind the high quality of their security personnel.

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Identifying High-Risk Employee Terminations in Denver

denverSkylineDenver businesses know that every employee termination is unique. One mistake some companies make is to assume the employee knows it is coming or will handle the news professionally and not disrupt business. Some do not think there is any risk if red flags are not glaring. However, most Denver managers and owners can tell you that high-risk employee terminations have grown over the last ten years. Some ways to identify employees that may be high-risk are:

  • An employee who uses verbal and non-verbal threats with other employees.
  • An employee with a history of violence which may be revealed in a background check ahead of time by Off Duty Officers.
  • Disgruntled, often complaining about management or employees.
  • Sudden behavior shifts like extreme reactions to feedback, aggressive tendencies with others, and excessive absences.

Although these are some red flags that Denver companies should consider when planning for an employee termination, our security experts can help develop a comprehensive plan to make sure the employee termination is successful, keeping people and clients safe.

Hiring workplace safety security personnel allows businesses to run as usual and makes those who are on-site during the termination feel safe. A uniformed guard creates order and is a visual sign to the employee being terminated that it is best to comply and leave without disruption. Denver businesses have relied on the professional workplace security offered only by Off Duty Officers since 1993.

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