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Why Choosing the #1 Rated High-Risk Employee Termination Security Matters in Oakland

If you own or manage a business in Oakland, you are among professionals who value the safety and protection of their people, customers, and assets in this culture-rich city. Oakland takes safety seriously, and we meet the demand and exceed expectations for private security guards during high-risk employee terminations. When Oakland businesses want comprehensive and consistent workplace safety security guards, they rely on the premier provider in Oakland – Off Duty Officers. Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has created opportunities for every company to have protection during employee terminations and layoffs. Letting an employee go may be straightforward or require retrieving company materials or signatures on confidentiality agreements. Regardless of the situation, our trained and experienced workplace security professionals know how to manage any tasks asked of them throughout the process.

How someone will react when they are let go is not always predictable. There are many considerations, including whether they are expecting it and if they have displayed any red flags indicating a higher risk of outbursts and lashing out. In any instance where a red flag is present, we highly recommend having workplace safety security guards during employee terminations to address any outbursts or disruptions and to ensure all property is collected and the employee is escorted safely off the property. Our Oakland clients have repeatedly told us how much smoother the process went and how much more at ease our security guards put our staff and customers.

Oakland Depends on the Best Workplace Security Guards

Every business owner strives to create an ideal workplace for their staff and a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. As thoughtful and genuine as this desire is, the reality is that sometimes an employee is no longer a fit and must be let go. Letting an employee go can be awkward, and when they display red flags, this puts them at a higher risk of termination. In these instances, there is no need to take the risk. Your staff and management deserve professional security overwatch and assistance. Off Duty Officers does not require a contract for high-risk employee terminations, and one of the things our Oakland clients rave about is that we respond and dispatch qualified security professionals quickly. Not every termination can be planned for, and sometimes, it may be a last-minute thought to have some security on site for the termination. If this is you, contact Off Duty Officers immediately and we can help! We have experience throughout the Oakland area and have a reputation for excellence and affordability. We have the flexibility to get our Oakland clients the workplace security coverage they need when they need it.

Red Flags That Indicate Higher-Risk Employee Terminations in Oakland

We offer knowledgeable and experienced security coordinators to work with our Oakland business owners and managers to determine if an employee is a higher risk and what security would be appropriate for their needs. We never oversell our Oakland clients because we believe every business deserves security to make employee terminations easier and safer. There are several red flags to look for, and we can help you navigate the entire process. Some of the basic things to consider that may indicate higher risk include:

  • Verbal or non-verbal threats against management or other employees.
  • Outbursts to feedback or customers.
  • Excessive absences following an event in the workplace or elsewhere.
  • Complaints about being victimized or mistreated by management.

This is not a complete list. However, if the employee you must terminate has shown any of these signs, you should strongly consider letting Off Duty Officers bring order and peace to your workplace. The termination location is another factor in employee terminations that can help choose the best custom security solution for high-risk employee terminations. Will the employee be released on the job site, in the office, over the phone, and what materials need to be collected and signed before they are issued their final check? Our coordinator has experience working with owners, managers, and human resource departments and understands the unique nuances of dynamic Oakland businesses.

Unbelievable Security Services for Oakland Businesses

What Off Duty Officers offers that other providers can’t is quality security guards who consistently go above and beyond in their roles. All our security professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured. We pride ourselves on the high level of training and experience our guards have and bring to the table in Oakland workplaces. When it comes to the safety of your staff and customers and the protection of property and assets, there is only one security provider with decades of experience and an outstanding reputation throughout Oakland, and that is Off Duty Officers. We are the security provider Oakland depends on for high-risk employee termination security.

Our security team members have backgrounds in the military and law enforcement and are trained in de-escalation tactics. They are also aware of suspicious behaviors or other vulnerabilities that may impact an employee's termination. When our security professional arrives, you can relax knowing we have it covered and can help in multiple facets.

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oakland street mallOakland businesses recognize that it will be necessary to let employees and staff go at some point. Although not something any manager looks forward to, it is clear that in some cases, when an employee shows any of the signs listed above, they may be at higher risk, which warrants private security detail during the termination to ensure everyone is safe and the termination goes smoothly.

Oakland business owners and managers value safety and protection and are invested in the city and those who call it home. Because it matters, they rely on Off Duty Officers' consistent services and excellent security professionals. The termination process does not have to be overwhelming. We have decades of experience helping our Oakland businesses navigate these waters, and we continue to sing the praises of our customers. Our private security guards are professional, decisive, respectful, and confident in their skills in workplace environments. Often, whether armed or not, a uniformed security guard deters outbursts and disruptions during employee terminations. It is worth it to have peace of mind and not worry about how an employee may respond when you have someone there trained to handle any situation.

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In Oakland, safety and protection are essential, and that is why Oakland business owners rely on Off Duty Officers for comprehensive, affordable security solutions for their workplace needs. Whether an employee termination, layoffs, or other workplace needs where security makes sense, we have you covered. We offer honest, hassle-free quotes and are available to consult with you 24 hours a day. We respond promptly and always have the best interests of Oakland businesses in mind.

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