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san antonioThe beautiful and growing city of San Antonio has been relying on professional workplace safety security guards from Off Duty Officers since 1993. Our reputation for delivering the highest quality high-risk employee termination security coverage is above what other providers offer. We do not require contracts, are available 24 hours a day to provide a quote and understand the needs of businesses and companies in San Antonio that want to provide security and safety to their people.

Off Duty Officers has decades of experience successfully placing skilled and experienced workplace security guards for large and small companies. When it comes to safety, it does not matter the size of the company or the type of business. We stand behind our experience and have first-hand knowledge of San Antonio's needs, you cater to every client based on their desire to keep the workplace safe and find ways to make it work for their budget.

Growing Workplace Tensions Deserve Top Level Workplace Security

Today’s workplace can turn toxic and even violent if an employee lashes out or behaves aggressively when let go. Although it is impossible to know if someone will react, there are signs to watch for, and our security coordinator is standing by to help you determine the level of risk associated with an employee who must be terminated. An employee who is released and lashes out or disrupts business can be unsettling for other staff and customers if they are present. Once this disruption occurs, getting production back to total capacity can take time. Instead of leaving it to chance, Off Duty Officers suggests planning to have security coverage on location for the termination. Because we do not require contracts, there is no reason not to consider security professionals for any upcoming or last-minute employee terminations. One of the things that makes Off Duty Officers unique is how promptly we can dispatch someone qualified and with experience to your San Antonio business.

Our San Antonio clients prioritize the safety of their staff, management, and customers. Regardless of industry or size, we have decades of experience finding custom solutions for clients that fit their budgets, and we never try to oversell services! We are dedicated to keeping San Antonia safe, and our goal is to put companies at ease and create an ideal environment for a smooth termination, including a collection of company materials, access, and parking garage cards.

Professional High-Risk Employee Termination Security Services

When it comes to professionalism and experience, Off Duty Officers security team leads the industry. Our security professionals have military and law enforcement backgrounds, ensuring training and experience when working in the workplace to put people at ease and keep them safe. We offer San Antonio clients the most comprehensive and affordable security solution for high-risk employee terminations, and those services include:

  • Free consultation and hassle-free quote to discuss concerns and identify the level of risk for the employee to be terminated. This also considers where the termination will take place, what property and access the employee has, and other factors that accurately assess the unique situation.
  • Background check on employee to identify patterns of behavior or history of violence.
  • Establishing order and authority in uniform or street attire, armed or unarmed—these are the choices of each San Antonio client, and we will guide you to the best security solution at an affordable price.
  • Continued support throughout the termination process, including escorting to the work area and ensuring company property is not removed. Our trained security guards escort terminated employees to the parking garage, where access cards may be retrieved.

These are the main services we provide San Antonio clients when managing an employee termination that may be higher risk. When it comes to the safety of your business's staff, customers, and property, rely on the expertise and excellence of Off Duty Officers' workplace security guards.

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Red Flags to Watch for When Terminating an Employee

angry employee terminationIt is impossible to accurately predict each person's response to being let go. In today's tough economic times, someone who may not seem upset may react explosively to the news, especially when unexpected. Off Duty Officers want to educate our San Antonio Clients on what to keep an eye out for. If ANY of these signs are present in the employee you are terminating, please get in touch with us immediately so we can dispatch a trained workplace security guard to your San Antonio location. Even if, during a termination, the employee becomes disruptive and your employees or customers become fearful, contact us so we can provide you the services you deserve.

Some signs to watch for:

  • Threats – verbal or non-verbal, talk about bringing weapons to work or talking about hurting someone.
  • Victim mentality – continuous complaining about treatment from management.
  • Excessive absences following an event or occurrence.
  • Strong resistance or explosive responses to other workers, management to customers
  • ANY signs of aggression that create fear in others.

We value our San Antonio clients and offer the most comprehensive and affordable workplace security solutions. If you are considering how to handle an employee termination and believe security would help it go smoothly, contact us today at 844-640-0183.

Off Duty Officers Exceptional Workplace Security Services

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has been helping San Antonio stay a safe place to work. As the beautiful city grows, we want to be there for any workplace security needs. Protecting your employees and customers is critical to continuing customer loyalty, and our professional security services help maintain that reputation as a business that prioritizes safety.

We are unmatched in quality, availability, price, and service flexibility. If you need security at your workplace, you only need to call one security provider and that is Off Duty Officers. We partner with our San Antonio businesses to determine the risks and customize a security plan. We do not require contracts, offer hassle-free quotes, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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