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Armed Security Guards or Unarmed Security Guards for Disaster Relief Sites.


The Best Disaster Relief Security Services in the Nation

When disaster hits, devastation follows. As people are forced to leave their homes and businesses, it is a waiting game until the aftermath can be sorted. Communities may be uprooted, and providing security services in these uncertain times immediately offers comfort and peace of mind. No security guard provider in the nation understands this more than Off Duty Officers.

As states in America prepare for the upcoming seasons of tornadoes and hurricanes and the always unpredictable earthquakes, it is wise to have an excellent security guard provider like Off Duty Officers ready to dispatch. Call ahead and speak with an expert security coordinator to ensure you know the options, so if a disaster does hit, the city is prepared.

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Security Guards Protect Relief Supplies from Looters

Often in disaster relief scenarios, emergency supplies that come into the area are commonly housed in a central location, far enough away from the damaged and the unsafe regions, for distribution. In desperate times, looting is a real consideration for those receiving relief supplies. Hiring the best security guards from Off Duty Officers serve in these disaster relief roles with excellence. Armed or unarmed, Off Duty Officer security patrol allow extra protection and safety during tumultuous times. Having a security guard in uniform provides immediate order. These confident and professional security guards establish authority upon arrival, working collaboratively with those in charge. These men and women serve as point people for emergencies, including medical, first aid, and detaining someone, if necessary, until the authorities arrive. Due to the extensive background of Off Duty Officer security specialists, crime stays at bay and provides a sense of security for those desperately needing relief in troubled times.

Disaster Sites Security Guards Keep Criminals Away

Unfortunately, some people see these difficult times as opportunities to take advantage of empty houses and buildings. Off Duty Officers have trained extensively to recognize any unusual or disruptive behavior before it materializes. Off Duty Officers take a proactive approach to potential hazards and threats. Without hesitation, those at a disaster relief site feel secure due to the confidence and ability of these highly trained security detail officers.

#1 Security Company in the Nation

Off Duty Officers is a security guard firm that provides security guards nationwide. With security officers in California, Florida, Colorado, and Texas, we cover the East Coast, West Coast, and Central America. From Orlando to Denver to Houston and Los Angeles, we are positioned to provide your company the best in professional security officer services throughout the United States.

Temporary Housing Efforts Benefit from Security Services

When a building is temporarily designated as an area for residents and their pets to go for safety, people can feel unsettled, worried, and anxious. Off Duty Officers are trained to handle these highly emotional times and provide a sense of order, bringing a calmness to temporary shelter during disaster relief situations.

Only the best security guards in the nation understand how challenging these times are for people who have been uprooted and temporarily relocated. The ability to show compassion and patience is also part of the job when serving in a security role during a disaster, and Off Duty Officers recognize this unique need.

Off Duty Officers Create Order in Chaos

Only Off Duty Officers train and dispatch experienced security guards in disaster relief security. Typically, a shorter-term assignment, these expertly trained security guards offer experience and skill from both the military and law enforcement fields. Off Duty Officers recognizes that security guards have a unique role at disaster sites that require finesse and professionalism. Having the confidence to arrive on the scene ready to do whatever is necessary to bring order, these incredible men and women serve above and beyond when placed at a disaster relief site.

Risk Assessment Performed by Highly Trained Security Guards

Off Duty Officers excels in dispatching the best security guards quickly and ready to go. Able to provide risk assessment upon arrival and ensure vulnerabilities have been identified and are being mitigated allows for a smoother process during any disaster relief situation. Due to the urgent relocation of people, the designated building may or may not have all its emergency equipment working. Off Duty Officers' security guards can check all emergency equipment and ensure everything is in working order and that anything that is malfunctioning is noted and addressed.

In short, Off Duty Officers provides the best-trained security guards in the nation. Unmatched in quality, the number of available guards, and the ability to work with various budgets, there is no better option. If you are responsible for organizing disaster relief efforts in case of an emergency in your city or area, please call Off Duty Officers today and speak with a security coordinator with expertise in providing security guards to disaster relief sites. Obtaining a free quote today offers an edge. If Off Duty Officers has all the information ahead of time, and the need arises, the dispatch process is streamlined when it counts. When things are hectic directly following a natural disaster, anything that can be done to help get the people what they need and keep them safe is the highest priority. Protect the people, businesses, and relief supplies by hiring private security guards through Off Duty Officers.

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