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Denver brings together the beauty of the Rocky Mountains with the modern architecture of downtown. High-profile companies and C-level executives often seek private security for events, travel, and other higher-risk scenarios. Denver customers depend on the unmatched excellence of Off Duty Officers' private security personnel when it comes to private security. We offer the finest and most affordable private security solutions for Denver clients.

Your Private Security is Off Duty Officers’ Top Priority

In today's culture, it is a fact of life that crimes happen to people, and lives are put in danger. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who choose to cause havoc for others without any regard, and this is where having skilled and experienced private security guards makes a difference. Our Denver clients who want to feel safe and secure can rely on the consistent excellence off Duty officers has provided for over 30 years. Emergencies are not predictable, and having private security means someone highly trained and ready to act in any emergency and act seamlessly with law enforcement and emergency service agencies. It is impossible to eradicate all threats, but considering the value of private security guards can significantly reduce risks, danger, and security breaches.

Off Duty Officers lead the industry in cutting-edge private security services. Our guards are highly trained, skilled, experienced, insured, bonded, fully vetted, and licensed to ensure you are protected. Your safety is our top priority, and we know it matters to protect what matters most. Our team of private security guards have military and law enforcement backgrounds, which means they are equally effective, both armed and unarmed. Off Duty Officers also understands Denver clients may prefer a street-attire guard instead of a uniformed security presence. Whatever your needs, we work to meet them and make it affordable! We customize security solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our Denver clients.

Denver Clients Choose Off Duty Officers for All Private Security Needs

We at off Duty Officers want you to know that you deserve high quality, reliable, and professional security when you want it, and nothing should stand in the way. If you feel you want private security, regardless of the type of event, service, or business. Any business with assets deserves protection. We pride ourselves on being able to customize security solutions so every size of security need can be met and affordable. Choosing temporary or longer-term security is an immediate return on investment because they show up ready to go and trained to protect. We offer professionally trained private security guards for a variety of business and personal needs, including:


  • Gated communities
  • Estates
  • Neighborhoods
  • Apartment and condominium complexes


  • Weddings, retirements, funerals, reunions
  • Personal bodyguard and VIP security
  • Event asset protection (i.e., trade shows, concerts, competitions)
  • Political or demonstration gatherings
  • Charities and fundraisers

Site and Location Security

  • Construction sites
  • Government facilities and buildings

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Private Security When and Where Denver Needs It

Every Denver client is unique and has specific private security needs. Some customers want 24-hour protection; others prefer private security for designated periods, conditions, or special events. Whatever the security need, Off Duty Officers has the solution. Not only do we meet your security needs, we exceed them, and that is why Denver has relied on the quality of Off Duty Officers' private security guards for over 30 years.

Private Security Options for Denver Clients

denver skyline daytimeWe offer our Denver clients the best private security guards without requiring a confusing contract. If you have a private security need and you contact us, our expert security coordinator will find a qualified and skilled professional to come out as soon as possible and hit the ground running. Not every security need can be planned ahead, so call today for a free quote and be prepared for when you do want private security protection.

We are not an average security company and stand above the rest in our consistent quality of private security guards. Our security personnel team's expert backgrounds allow us to dispatch experienced private security guards quickly. Some of the skills our private security guards are experts in are communications, de-escalation tactics, emergency response, security surveillance equipment, patrolling, customer service, First Aid, and CPR, with the power to arrest.

Off Duty Officers prides itself on providing continuing training for all our private security personnel so that clients get current and up-to-date risk assessment and the best protection relevant today. Our private security services surpass those of others in the industry, and our reputation in Denver proves it.

Off Duty Officers Can Protect You and Your Business

We have been dedicated to serving Denver clients with top-notch private security services since 1993. We strive to give our clients the best services to meet their specific needs and will never try to over-sell or force a contract to get protection. We respect our clients and the value they put on safety and are committed to honesty and professionalism. Our private security solutions are tried and true, and our guards are hands-down the most experienced and reliable in the private security industry.

All our private security personnel are required to complete intensive training that is continually updated to reflect the latest threats, technology, and best practices. We honor the safety and protection of our Denver clients, and when you partner with Off Duty officers, you can rest knowing your business and people are in the best hands possible.

When you need the best private security in Denver, whether for an event, your business, your residential community, or other property, do not wait to contact us for a friendly and honest quote that you can rely on when you need private security. Our security specialists are standing by to find an affordable private security solution that meets your needs.

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