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If you have a business or manage a company in Fort Worth, Texas, consider hiring workplace safety security guards the next time you need to let someone who is a high-risk employee go. Off Duty Officers has consistently provided Fort Worth companies and businesses with excellent professional security coverage during and following high-risk employee terminations for more than 30 years. The practice of having clear authority established is becoming more common as tensions in the workplace are higher and inflation has many people struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how a person will respond, but it is Fort Worth’s practice to take safety measures to ensure its people are safe. Fort Worth’s impressive growth and appeal to families and businesses are among the reasons they continue to rely on Off Duty Officer's high standard of security coverage and affordable solutions. We are the most trusted and reliable security provider in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth’s Workplace Deserves Top-Notch Security

A disgruntled employee, a company-wide layoff, or an employee upset with management can quickly turn a work environment toxic. Off Duty Officers has experience partnering with Fort Worth companies to determine the level of risk, and how to ensure people’s safety and protection of assets in these situations. When someone is let go from their job, whether they know it is coming or not, there are other red flags that employers should look out for. Sometimes, a last-minute need may occur, but there is always time to provide expert protection for your staff and customers. Off Duty Officers is known for quickly responding and dispatching highly qualified and skilled security guards to the workplace anytime there is a risk. Trained security guards in the workplace establish order and deter outbreaks or lashing out upon termination. An expected outburst or aggressive behavior from a terminated high-risk employee disrupts work and makes staff feel unsafe/ If your business or company has customers on site, a disruption can cause customers to look and shop elsewhere.

Employees who behave aggressively, verbally or non-verbally, should be considered at higher risk. Outward behavior making the workplace uncomfortable for others indicates an employee is having difficulty keeping how they feel controlled. Our highly trained security guards have years of workplace experience and continue to bring professionalism and order during high-risk employee terminations. Fort Worth’s continued growth and popularity will bring change, and when that change is a staffing change, contact Off Duty Officers for an affordable quote for employee termination security services that won’t break the budget.

Off Duty Officers Exceptional Employee Termination Security Services

Fort Worth businesses that are in a position where they need to terminate, and employees or employees can rely on Off Duty Officers. We offer the highest level of security coverage in Fort Worth, which is why we are the leading security provider in the area. Our workplace safety security services are the most comprehensive, beginning with an assessment of the risk level based on information you provided and background checks on the employee being terminated. Once an affordable security solution is decided upon, we dispatch fully bonded, licensed, and insured professionals to your workplace. Once our professional security guard is on location, the services do not stop. Our security personnel have backgrounds in the military and law enforcement. They are experts at risk assessment once on the job, as well as continual analysis of vulnerabilities or unusual activity or behaviors. It has surprised many of our Fort Worth clients how much smoother employee terminations go when we have quality workplace security guards on location. Once a termination has occurred, our security personnel escort the terminated employee to their space to clean out any personal items while ensuring no company property is removed or stolen. Additionally, an escort to the parking garage or area so that access cards can be retrieved is something managers and business owners don't have to worry about. Having a professional by your side during an employee termination, especially one showing signs of higher risk, is a value that Fort Worth companies recognize.

Red Flags of High-Risk Employees in Forth Worth

Some Fort Worth companies need to determine whether an employee is high-risk; that is where our coordinator comes in. Our expert security solutions coordinator works to find an affordable solution based on the signs observed in the workplace. We never oversell our Fort Worth clients and work to find a solution for every customer.

There are a few signs that absolutely deserve security overwatch during a termination, and they are:

  • Verbal or non-verbal threats against the company, management, or other employees.
  • Continuous complaining or openly disgruntled employees that dwell on how they are treated by management or other employees.
  • Explosive reactions to feedback from management or interactions with customers.
  • Excessive tardiness following an outburst or another notable event.

If the employee you need to terminate exhibits any of the above, please do not wait and contact Off Duty Officers today. It is not worth the risk of letting someone go who may put your employees, customers, or businesses in danger.

When Fort Worth companies want to provide the best protection and safety during a high-risk employee termination, they only need to make one call. Contact Off Duty Officers today for an immediate online quote or call 844-285-6401.

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Things Fort Worth Companies Should Consider Related to Employee Terminations

fort worth texasWhen an employee is asked to leave a company, it can have many facets and be complex. Suppose an employee has company property and assets, shares valuable insider secrets, or has been granted full access to multiple job sites. In that case, this can make the process more challenging for human resources and management. Off Duty Officers has trained professionals to handle all these aspects and take the stress out of an employee termination. The presence of an armed or unarmed guard sets a tone of authority. It helps establish order and keep things moving smoothly until the employee is off-site and all company materials are collected. When a terminated employee has left stuff at home or does not have what needs to be returned at the time of termination, it is wise to have the security professional stay until everything is completed so that the employee is no longer at risk of returning and being disruptive.

Anytime other employees have been threatened or feel unsafe, it is up to Fort Worth companies to provide security guards to put people at ease and get production back on track. Where the termination is planned is also relevant and can add different layers to the security needs of Fort Worth companies.

Off Duty Officers #1 in Experience and Quality in Fort Worth

When you have an employee termination planned or a last-minute situation arises that deserves trained workplace security overwatch, contact Off Duty Officers. We provide the safety and security that you and your employees deserve. We are ready and waiting to work alongside you to find an affordable security solution for your employee termination process.

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