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The beautiful and vibrant city of Austin is more than just the capital of Texas; it is a destination for families looking for a better way of life and businesses seeking to start anew or wanting to grow and expand. Austin is one of the largest cities in the United States and is home to many companies from various industries. As companies seek the best employees to represent their product or service, there is always the possibility of hiring a person who is not a good fit for one reason or another. Whether a new hire or a seasoned employee needs to be released from their role, letting employees go is uncomfortable and shocking if a person is not expecting it. As the workplace can be a fragile culture when disgruntled employees need to be let go, providing safety and security for your remaining employees is invaluable when a high-risk employee termination is necessary. Austin’s small and large companies have been relying on the expertise of trained high-risk employee termination security guards from Off Duty Officers since 1993. Off Duty Officers continues to be Austin's most requested and reliable security provider.

Austin’s Workplaces Deserve Security During Employee Terminations

The workplace can quickly turn sour when employees no longer want to be part of the team or are angry with management decisions. Although every company would like to think employees are generally good, the news of losing one's job can be shocking. It may lead to explosive emotional responses that can be incredibly disruptive to the workplace.

Austin business owners and managers should strongly consider that every employee has the potential to be high risk. Security overwatch establishes order and a no-nonsense environment to deter emotional outbreaks or erratic behavior that can cause significant disruption. Authority figures, armed or unarmed, provide order and calmness, discouraging anyone from acting out or making a scene when leaving the premises.

In Austin, businesses will continue to grow, and with growth comes change. Management of Austin companies can depend on Off Duty Officers, Inc. when they need employee termination security. Our bonded, licensed, and insured guards minimize the risk associated with an employee’s release. Unstable employees are unpredictable, and disruptions can make returning to normal activities challenging if employees feel unsafe. If a specific employee has been the target of threats, providing high-risk employee termination security is critical during the employee's release, and the length of the assignment can easily be adjusted if an escort is necessary for any length of time following the termination.

Off Duty Officers Professionally Handle High-Risk Employee Terminations

When Austin companies need employee termination security, Off Duty Officers promptly dispatch the highest quality security guards. Our security coordinator gathers your information, helps identify any red flags, and initiates the background check process on an employee to ensure no history increases the risk level. We work to find the best security solution that fits your needs, timeline, and budget.

High-Risk Employee Terminations in Austin

Off Duty Officers understands the unique nature of each employee termination. Knowing how each employee will respond is impossible, but those with red flags require high-risk employee termination security during the termination process. Our highly trained employee termination coordinator partners with HR and managers to identify red flags or possible threats to ensure they are addressed immediately upon arrival. A proactive approach to high-risk employee terminations saves Austin businesses time and money.

Signs of High-Risk Employees in Austin

High-risk employees may display some of the following:

  • Displaying signs of aggression or anger in the workplace.
  • Making threats, whether verbal or non-verbal, against management or another employee.
  • Complaining repeatedly, berating others, or claiming to be a victim in the workplace.
  • Overreacting to criticism or feedback about work, reacting explosively to customers or employees.
  • Excessive time off following an incident in the workplace can be a red flag and should be handled cautiously.

Please don't take chances when it comes to the safety and security of your people and business. In preparing for high-risk employee termination, ensure a smooth transition with professional security personnel from Off Duty Officers. We offer comprehensive high-risk employee termination plans at affordable rates. We are dedicated to keeping Austin employees safe, maintaining the flow and integrity of your business, and ensuring employee terminations are done seamlessly so workflow and productivity can continue uninterrupted.

Austin businesses only need to make one call when they need to terminate a high-risk employee, and that call is to Off Duty Officers. Our professional coordinator and personnel shine and always go above and beyond the expectations of our Austin clients. Our nationwide services allow us to quickly dispatch experienced high-risk employee termination professionals to your Austin business. We can accommodate companies experiencing last-minute needs, so even if you feel uncertain at the last minute, there is still time to provide your employees with a security overwatch during the termination process. Do not hesitate to contact Off Duty Officers if this occurs – we can help provide peace of mind to you, your employees, and your customers.

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What Austin Businesses Should Consider During Employee Terminations

austin texasThere are multiple facets to an employee termination. The location, expectation of the termination, and need to collect property and keys can make it complicated for one manager to handle. Instead of burdening your management staff with ticking all the boxes, especially if the employee’s response is unexpected, hire an experienced short-term private high-risk employee terminations security guard. Additional things that must be considered are if the employee has been making any threats, even in jest. If you are unsure how high-risk an employee is that you must release from their role, contact our expert coordinator to walk through possible red flags so that you and your company are best prepared for a smooth process.

Off Duty Officers Providing Excellence in Safety and Security

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers remains Austin's best employee termination provider. If you have an employee termination, Off Duty Officers have you covered, and we are ready to take your call anytime. We are dedicated to partnering with Austin companies to create a custom security plan for high-risk employee terminations.

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