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Beyond El Paso’s charm and rich history, large and small businesses are dedicated to keeping El Paso’s people and properties safe. The high standard of safety keeps El Paso business owners and construction managers partnering with the professional fire watch security services of Off Duty Officers. Fire Watch Security is mandated by the local fire code anytime safety or fire equipment is offline. In order to mitigate risks when safety equipment is not fully functional, fire watches ensure the safety of the people on location as well as the property and investments of El Paso. Our knowledge and understanding of El Paso’s unique fire code requirements allow us to better serve clients and provide the most comprehensive fire watch services whenever and wherever they are needed.

When welding and hot work processes are occurring, a fire watch is also necessary to comply with local fire code requirements. In open construction sites, our Fire Watch Security Guards are on location day and night to ensure safety around the clock. It is required to have Fire Watch available anytime people are on location, and our security personnel are trained to maintain the highest quality protection until safety equipment is fully functional and approved by El Paso's Fire Department.

When El Paso Needs Exceptional Fire Watch Services

There are many scenarios when El Paso companies are required to provide Fire Watch Security in order to comply with the city’s fire codes:

  • During hot work or welding processes.
  • During demolition or new construction, safety equipment will be offline.
  • Construction sites that may have last minute work that requires fire overwatch.
  • Throughout safety equipment maintenance and when equipment is malfunctioning.
  • During special events where occupancy limits will be exceeded.
  • If occupancy type changes in a leased building, safety requirements may change, leaving existing safety equipment temporarily insufficient.

In any of these situations, the El Paso Fire Department will require Fire Watch Security to ensure the prevention of fire breakouts. If you need Fire Watch Services in El Paso, Off Duty Officers is hands-down the best provider.

Providing Excellent Fire Watch Services to El Paso Since 1993

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has provided exceptional Fire Watch Security Guards and they continually go above and beyond expectations. Off Duty Officers Fire Watch team members bring backgrounds and experience from law enforcement and the military. There are no more qualified and experienced professional fire watch security guards serving El Paso, Texas, than Off Duty Officers.

Our reviews speak to the diligence, knowledge, and professionalism of the Fire Watch team members dispatched to El Paso. Whether the need is expected or last-minute, Off Duty Officers has incredible relationships with its personnel members, and we can get you what you need and when you need it. We believe in loyalty to our security guards and our clients which has led to our success over the last thirty years. We strive to provide El Paso with the highest level of fire watch security because we understand how important safety is to the city and its people.

When Fire Watch Coverage Is Mandated in El Paso

El Paso businesses know they can depend on the reliability and high-quality fire watch that Off Duty Officers delivers every single time. We understand that not all fire watch needs can be planned, so we pride ourselves on being able to dispatch to meet El Paso's needs promptly, without contract, and at an affordable price to fit every budget. We provide fire watch services to small and large businesses in El Paso, as well as construction sites and special events that require fire watch security due to excess occupancy.

We partner with El Paso businesses to ensure no fires break out, protecting the people and structures in the city. Our experienced, fully bonded, and insured Fire Watch Security Guards are skilled in El Paso’s fire code requirements and keep meticulous logs to ensure compliance for companies. We are ready to help El Paso be proactive in fire prevention and safety!

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Why Off Duty Officers Leads Fire Watch in El Paso

el pasoOff Duty Officers is the preferred Fire Watch Security provider in El Paso because of our highly trained, skilled, and professional security personnel. We are able to dispatch Fire Watch for short-term, temporary or longer-term needs through El Paso and surrounding areas. Our 24-hour watch allows El Paso businesses to stay in compliance with the fire code regulations. Fire Watch safety is critical to the safety of El Paso residents and businesses, and we pride ourselves on doing the task with integrity and excellence.

When any safety equipment is offline or not fully functional, whatever the reason, El Paso can depend on the prompt response of professionally trained and experienced fire watch security guards from Off Duty Officers. We do not require a contract, have the flexibility other providers do not, and never oversell our El Paso clients on a fire watch security solution.

Making the Best Fire Watch Choice to Ensure El Paso Safety

When you have a choice, choose the most reputable and reliable fire watch security provider in El Paso. Off Duty Officers provides consistently excellent service and continues to maintain the highest rating of fire watch providers serving El Pasi. Off Duty Officers has decades of experience supporting El Paso in Fire Watch. We are highly respected in El Paso, Texas, and the United States of America! Contact us today for a hassle-free quote and get the fire watch services you need when you need them.

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