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Choosing Fort Worth’s Best Fire Watch Security Provider

Fort Worth is rich in history and charm, with a bustling downtown area and one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Businesses continue to make their home in Fort Worth, bringing families and new developments. Fort Worth’s pride prioritizes safeguarding the city, its people, and its businesses. When it comes to required and mandated fire watch security services, and when safety equipment is offline for any reason, business owners and managers choose the best fire watch security provider service in Fort Worth, which is Off Duty Officers, hands-down. Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has provided highly qualified and trained fire watch professionals throughout the Fort Worth area. Understanding that fire hazards and malfunctioning equipment threaten Fort Worth, we provide prompt responses, even when you haven't planned on it. Last minute fire watch needs are a real thing. Business owners understand that, and so do the professionals at Off Duty officers. We partner with Fort Worth businesses in events that require professional fire watch security services.

Fire Watch Service Requirements in Fort Worth

Fort Worth follows strict fire code guidelines when it comes to malfunctioning safety and fire equipment. The focus is to ensure the safety of people, properties, and assets in the Fort Worth area. There are several scenarios when the Fort Worth fire marshal mandates fire watch security services so that fire risks are mitigated and necessary work can be completed without heightened risk to others in the area. Anytime people are on location, our professionally trained fire watch team maintain high level protection until all safety and fire equipment is back online, tested and approved by Fort Worth’s Fire Department.

In any of the following scenarios, Fort Worth requires fire watch security services:

  • Construction Sites, both new and demolition projects, will have safety and fire equipment offline, leaving anyone on-site at a higher risk.
  • Welding and hot work processes require a fire watch due to open flame exposure and risk.
  • Throughout safety equipment maintenance, replacement, and repair due to the higher risk associated with life-saving safety equipment being compromised.
  • Leased buildings may need to provide fire safety watch security guards when the tenancy type changes, modifying what Fort Worth's fire code requires for new tenants.
  • Special events that will exceed occupancy limits place people at higher risk and require fire watch safety to ensure people’s safety and guarantee someone highly trained is on location to guide and direct in an emergency.

Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has been there for businesses in Fort Worth, providing exceptional fire watch security coverage that goes above and beyond on every level. Our customers continue to request the services of our professional security team for fire watch and other private security needs. We offer affordable safety and security solutions, enabling all Fort Worth companies to comply with local fire codes and regulations.

When Fire Watch Demands Excellence for Fort Worth’s Safety

In the more than 30 years Off Duty Officers has been providing fire watch security guards to Fort Worth, we have built strong relationships, trust, and a reputation of excellence in customer service, backgrounds, training, and experience. We understand the importance of safety and mitigation of risks when it comes to Fort Worth’s people and city. We guarantee fully bonded and licensed fire watch security personnel so business owners are covered from liability and can rest knowing they are providing the highest level of safety and meeting Fort Worth’s fire regulations in higher risk scenarios.

Whether planning for construction demolition or budgeting for new construction, our fire watch security personnel have worked in many different environments, always focused on meticulous log keeping, which is required, and keeping overwatch to ensure the safety and security during safety equipment outages or malfunctions, special events, occupancy changes, and during hot work processes. When Fort Worth needs excellence in fire watch safety services, they can rely on the dedication and commitment of Off Duty Officers to protect Fort Worth.

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Off Duty Officers Leads Fort Worth in Fire Watch Safety

fort worth texasWe remain the top requested fire watch services provider throughout Fort Worth. Our highly trained, professional, and skilled fire watch security team members can meet the needs for well-planned, last-minute, short-, and long-term needs throughout the Fort Worth area. We have an available fire watch crew ready to dispatch, able to stay on location as required, whether during hours of operation or 24-hour watches. We are focused on elevating safety for Fort Worth’s community and businesses, helping owners and managers stay in compliance with local fire code regulations, and keeping Fort Worth safe. We provide fire watch services with excellence and integrity that no other provider offers.

Ensuring Safety with Fire Watch Security in Fort Worth

When you have a choice, choose the longest serving fire watch security provider in Fort Worth. We do not require contracts or push unnecessary elaborate safety solutions. Instead, our security coordinator collects all the details and provides a hassle-free quote to all our Fort Worth clients. Off Duty Officers has flexibility that other providers do not, and our priority is protecting Fort Worth during fire watch security needs.

Off Duty Officers is standing by, ready to answer your questions about Fort Worth's fire watch security requirements and will promptly respond and work to get you the security you need to comply with Fort Worth's safety standards. Contact us today for a free quote and ensure you have the fire watch security coverage you need – we want to partner with you and get you the protection you need when and where you need it.

When you need to hire fire watch security, you only need to make one call to Off Duty Officers (844) 262-6650.

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