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San Francisco is well-known for Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is a compact city, holding the 13th highest population in the nation, which means lots of people and activity. There is no shortage of stunning buildings and high rises with views of bustling life that captivate visitors. Many businesses and corporations have made San Francisco their home, and having employees can be complicated when a termination involves a high-risk employee. Since 1993, San Francisco businesses have relied on the professional high-risk employee termination security guards from Off Duty Officers, Inc. Unmatched in quality, expertise, and professionalism, if you value putting your employees at ease during an employee termination and want to ensure your assets and people are protected, hiring temporary security guards is the best way to achieve that.

What Services Are Part of High-Risk Employee Termination Security?

Owners and managers in San Francisco must consider the relevance and value of adding security guards to a potentially high-risk employee termination. Workplace violence is very real, and an angry employee may retaliate. Off Duty Officers' security personnel are explicitly trained to de-escalate situations that may get tense or aggressive without a trained professional on site.

There are several services that Off Duty Officers prepares their security personnel to perform with expertise at San Francisco businesses and corporations. Our expert security coordinator knows all the questions to ask to help you determine if you need security services for an employee termination. Things to consider are where the termination will take place, if they will be asked to leave immediately, how it is safest to collect company property and access cards before they leave, and other considerations that our expert coordinator will walk you through. Off Duty Officers provide short-term security guards, armed and unarmed. They can be dispatched quickly to San Francisco locations due to Off Duty Officers' dedication to having a trained and skilled team at the ready to serve its clients best. No contracts are required when working with Off Duty Officers, so if you are concerned about an upcoming employee termination, Off Duty Officers will find an affordable security solution without overselling!

It is always better to be prepared with skilled high risk employee termination security guards to ensure your employees feel secure and safe. A workplace disruption can halt business and create unnecessary fear. There are steps that Off Duty Officers will take to help companies to determine if the employee is high-risk, can perform background checks on the employee, and provide a comprehensive plan to ensure the termination goes off smoothly.

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High-risk employee termination and workplace violence security are critical for San Francisco businesses to maintain order and security in their workplaces. Off Duty Officers have backgrounds in military and law enforcement. They are licensed, bonded, insured, and have specific training to help you when you need it during high-risk employee terminations. We understand that sometimes, an employee termination may come up without much time to prepare, and that is why San Francisco depends on the availability of highly skilled workplace violence security guards who can dispatch quickly and without a contract. Our top priority is getting you what you need when you need it at an affordable price!

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We have a coordinator ready to answer your call or provide an instant quote 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our security team is prepared to go when called and always goes above and beyond the expectations of our San Francisco companies. Whether a small business, a retail store, a high rise, or a warehouse workplace, our guards handle high risk employee terminations professionally and take the stress out of unpredictable outcomes.

We have been the leading high risk employee termination security provider in San Francisco since 1993 and are respected nationwide as the top workplace violence security company. When it matters, contact Off Duty Officers for a free quote.


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