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San Jose remains the largest city in Northern California in population and area and is the hub of Silicon Valley. The cultural and technological richness continues to draw growing and established businesses as well as people to the Bay Area’s gateway. San Jose’s businesses depend on security services for their needs when it comes to employee terminations, and Off Duty Officers is the most reputable and reliable provider serving the San Jose area.

Today, the workplace can become toxic quickly when dealing with aggravated and disgruntled employees. One can never be sure how an employee will react to being let go, especially if they have shown tendencies of high-risk employees. Business owners, managers, and human resource staff must consider the risk level of every employee. Those who show signs of high risk should be attended to and overwatched by professional and trained workplace safety security guards during and following termination.

In San Jose, the growing businesses depend on Off Duty Officers when they have a high-risk employee termination. Armed or unarmed security guards provide a sense of authority and order, which ensures that these situations do not escalate and that the employees, guests, property, and assets are protected. Workplace violence retaliation is a genuine concern for San Jose business owners. When an employee is unstable, it is better to be prepared and allow other employees and business to carry on as usual. When an employee becomes explosive during a termination, it causes fear and uncertainty to everyone who witnesses it. If a specific employee has been the target of another's aggression, it is more vital than ever to provide this security service during a high-risk employee termination in San Jose.

Off Duty Officers Handle High-Risk Employee Terminations Professionally

Immediately upon contacting Off Duty Officers, our coordinator finds a qualified and experienced employee termination security professional and begins the background process to make every employee termination successful. When an employee meets the criteria of a high-risk termination, Off Duty Officers will perform background checks and provide a comprehensive plan to ensure the termination occurs without disruption and keeps people safe.

High-Risk Employee Terminations in San Jose

Off Duty Officers understand every employee termination is unique. It is not always the case that an employee will send up red flags. Still, San Jose businesses must be aware of potential threats. Our highly trained security guards will partner with your managers and HR team to identify potential threats, address them before they become a problem, and save time and money. Off Duty Officers recognizes the need to maintain a company's integrity during these high-risk employee terminations.

When businesses in San Jose face any employee termination, there are often too many unknowns that can go unnoticed and later become a threat. Using Off Duty Officers’ decades of experience and professional military and law enforcement backgrounds allows all threats to be considered and prepared for ahead of time. Employee terminations are often due to underperformance, misconduct, or layoffs, which is uncomfortable for staff or employees. However, we understand the necessity of employee termination, regardless of risk, and that is why we train and handle any high-risk employee termination successfully, always going above and beyond what our San Jose clients expect.

Off Duty Officers can help San Jose companies during all employee terminations, especially those with high risk.

Signs of High-Risk Employees in San Jose

High-risk employees may or may not show red flags. However, some signs should trigger employers to plan for security service protection during a termination, and here are a few:

  • When an employee makes verbal or non-verbal threats against other employees or the organization.
  • If an employee has a history of violence in the workplace or has shown signs of aggression.
  • When an employee behaves disgruntled, complaining and claiming the company, management, or another employee has victimized them.
  • Any sudden behavior changes include responding explosively to feedback and dealing with customers or other employees. Unexplained absences may also be an indication of an employee that is at higher risk.

If you own a business or manage a company in San Jose, and you must let an employee go, if any of these signs are present, please do not hesitate to contact Off Duty Officers for the most comprehensive high-risk employee termination plan in the industry. Keeping your employees safe, maintaining the integrity of your business, and ensuring the seamless termination process is critical in today's work climate.

When it comes to providing San Jose companies a safe environment for businesses to carry on with a sense of safety and security during high-risk employee terminations, rely on Off Duty Officers' professional and dedicated services. We offer affordable rates for short-term assignments and do not require a contract. Our nationwide services allow us to quickly dispatch a trained high-risk employee termination professional to your San Jose business, so even if you forgot to plan or the signs show up last minute, call for protection.

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San Jose Companies' Considerations for Employee Terminations

Varying factors come into play with the uniqueness of each employee termination, and no provider understands this better than Off Duty Officers. As mentioned above, there are some signs to watch for, and if any of those come up, it is best to hire a professional security service to provide support and ensure the termination goes smoothly. Additionally, companies should take other things into consideration to allow for the greatest success.

First, is the employee expecting termination? Often, even when an employer may think it is obvious and that the employee must know it is coming. However, they often do not and may respond differently depending on their situation. If an employee is expecting to be let go, this opens the door for planning, and if they are disgruntled, it can elevate the risk to others.

Next, has the employee threatened management, other employees, or the facility leading up to the termination? Even comments that appear to be made in jest should be considered.

Lastly, it should be considered where the termination will occur and will the employee be asked to leave immediately. Location can significantly impact San Jose companies if a termination occurs off-site, remotely, or on a job site. If you are unsure how this will affect your employee terminations, contact Off Duty Officers, and we will walk you through the steps and risks to ensure you get the coverage you need. If an employee must leave immediately, having a professional security guard escort them off the property and collect any private property, including access and parking cards, is incredibly helpful. It is unsafe to ask other employees to accommodate high-risk employees to their office to clean out personal belongings and put themselves at risk.

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san joseIf you have an employee termination coming up or layoffs, please strongly consider having Off Duty Officers provide you with safety and security. We are the #1 high-risk employee termination security provider in San Jose. We provide professional security presence, armed or unarmed, and prevent workplace violence. We are standing by, ready to create a custom security plan for your upcoming high-risk termination in San Jose.

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