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Bakersfield is home to more than 13,000 businesses. When thinking about workplace safety and protecting the business atmosphere, Bakersfield business owners rely on the consistently high level of training and experience the security professionals at Off Duty Officers deliver every time. When it is necessary to terminate an employee, especially when they have displayed red flags of higher risk, it is vital to hire private security protection. An authoritative presence during a high-risk employee termination establishes order, minimizes the risk of outbursts and retaliation, and safely gets the terminated employee off the premises with all relevant company materials collected. When it comes to putting your existing staff and management at ease, depend on Off Duty Officers’ 30 years of experience providing excellent protection for Bakersfield businesses.

As Bakersfield continues to grow and draw new families and businesses, the high standards of safety and protection can be maintained through temporary high-risk employee termination security. We offer no-contract, affordable security solutions so that every company in Bakersfield gets the protection it deserves. If you want a private security company you can trust with honest, no-frills security solutions, Off Duty Officers is the only call you need to make.

Bakersfield Deserves Exceptional Security in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, situations can escalate quickly. When an employee has displayed some of the typical signs that indicate a higher risk of workplace violence, Bakersfield companies ensure the safety of their people and investment by simply hiring experienced high-risk employee termination security guards. There is no reason to take a chance. Unfortunately, knowing how someone will respond to being terminated is impossible. Depending on several components, our professional workplace violent security coordinator can walk our Bakersfield clients through red flags to watch for and partner with them to find an affordable security solution. We will never oversell and continue to be highly regarded by our existing Bakersfield clients. Since 1993, Off Duty Officers has diligently protected business owners, their employees, and company assets.

Determining the Risk of Bakersfield Employee Terminations

Our security coordinator helps Bakersfield companies determine the risk factor and offers multiple solutions to help the termination process go smoothly and without incident. Some of the questions you will discuss to determine the risk factors include:

  • Where will the termination occur? Will it be remote? On a construction site? In an office?
  • Has the employee made verbal or non-verbal threats against employees, management, or the company?
  • Does the employee react explosively to feedback from customers or management?
  • Has the employee missed excessive days following an outburst or another event?
  • Is the employee continually complaining about being a victim or mistreated by management?

If Bakersfield businesses answer yes to one or more of these questions, the risk of an employee acting out during a termination is higher than normal. In these cases, we highly recommend background checks for the employee to be terminated. After we are able to assess the risk fully, we will provide affordable options to our Bakersfield clients to ensure they get skilled high-risk employee termination security. The professionals at Off Duty Officers are trained in de-escalation and have military and law enforcement backgrounds. We do not take safety lightly and always go above and beyond what our Bakersfield clients expect. We offer armed and unarmed private security services.

Off Duty Officers Offer Excellence to Bakersfield Businesses

When business owners or managers in Bakersfield need to terminate an employee or employees, they can count on trained, skilled, and experienced security professionals from Off Duty Officers. We understand these things can be last minute, and we are ready to take your request 24 hours a day. We respond and dispatch promptly to Bakersfield, so you don’t have to worry about the safety and protection of your staff, customers, property, and assets. Our expertly trained workplace security professionals establish order, deter outbreaks and lashing out, provide secure escort off the property, and collect access badges and parking permits with ease. Our trained and trustworthy private security guards leave nothing to chance and are able to provide personal escorts for staff who may feel uneasy following a high-risk termination. We pride ourselves on eliminating workplace disruptions by seeing potential risks ahead of time and addressing any safety concerns and suspicious behavior before it becomes an issue. We are there to ease the burden of our Bakersfield business owners and managers.

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What to Consider When Facing a High-Risk Employee Termination in Bakersfield


When it is time to let an employee go, it may be straightforward, but when working with people and their source of income, there are many unknowns. If an employee is in possession of company property, assets, or access cards, these must be collected and can be done so professionally and seamlessly with trained workplace security guards from Off Duty Officers. In some cases, when an employee is terminated and they have insider secrets, a non-disclosure must be signed before they leave the premises. These terminations can be complex, and having trained security there helps make things run smoothly and without incident. Once our security professional has a checklist of things you want them to make sure happen before the employee is escorted off the premises, they will ensure they do, in addition to watching for anything out of order or suspicious.

If the employee to be terminated has made any threats against the business, employees, or management, we recommend having your private workplace security guard stay on location immediately following the termination to ensure they don't come back and try to access the building or employees in a parking area. We stay until the risk is mitigated so our Bakersfield clients can rest easily.

Off Duty Officers is Top-Rated in Bakersfield

When Bakersfield business owners and managers are concerned about an upcoming employee termination, layoff, or a last-minute workplace situation, don't worry – we have you covered. Off Duty Officers has been serving Bakersfield for more than 30 years and we remain the most trustworthy, honest, affordable and highest rated private workplace security provider throughout the area. If you want an instant quote or to talk to our professional security coordinator, contact us today – we are standing by to help keep your workplace safe and productive!

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