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Off Duty Officers
Security Guard Company Overview

Founded in 1993 – Over 28 Years of Excellence Service

  • Pioneered use of off-duty police and military personnel in private industry applications on a national scale. Off Duty Officers vets the best-in-class

Broadly Experienced in Wide-Ranging Security Applications

  • Highly flexible in purpose and execution of
  • Ability to address multiple responsibilities and

Proven Over Time

  • Still servicing our first
  • Customer retention 4x the industry


  • Attendance closely monitored to the
  • Industry leading staffed shifts at 4% +
  • Robust attendance recognition and reward
  • All shifts verified and tracked real
  • Schedules confirmed pre-week and pre-day.
  • Intra shift activities (patrols/routes/facility checks ) mapped and confirmed via GPS + scan verification.
  • We pledge day-to-day operations of consistent high

Off Duty Officers, Inc. would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about the possibility of partnering with us.  Feel free to call or email me at any time.

Brook Lynn – Director of Business Development
Off Duty Officers

Direct 866-983-6237


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